Your Questions About Ways To Naturally Improve Eyesight

January 5, 2012

Lizzie asks…

What can i do to improve my eyesight in the quickest way?

i just went to get a eye check and my doc told me i had nearsightedness of 275 on both eyes. i dun wanna wear glasses, what can i do to get better eyesight in the quickest way other than surgery. i wanna do it naturally. currently, im doing a lot of eye exercises and not wearing my prescribed glasses cause i think that will just make my eyes worse. is it because i use the computer too long. i don’t want contacts either. if you guys have any personal experience with this stuff please tell me! thx in advance to those who wanna answer
i no there are a lot of scam out there claiming they work. im using bates eye exercising methods i just absolutely hate glasses and contacts

admin answers:

Yeah – well you and about 50% of the population don’t want to wear glasses and want an easy fix. That’s why there are lots of scams out there.

Be very skeptical of any claims that eyesight can be improved naturally or by special exercises.

“…no type of eye exercise can improve a refractive error or cure any ailment within the eyeball or in any remote part of the body. If you are considering a vision training program, request a written report detailing the problem, the proposed treatment plan, an estimate of the time and costs involved, and the prognosis. If the plan is not targeted toward a specific visual problem (such as amblyopia), or if it includes a broad promise such as improving I.Q., forget about it.”

Spectacles or contacts are ok – they are based on 100% natural ingredients! You’ll get used to them.

James asks…

how can i improve my eye sight naturally?

so my teacher changed everyones seat and put me in the back of the room but i can c from there and when i told her 2 times she said she wont change it back . i wear glasses but i think my eye sight might be getting worse. is there anything i can do to make my eyesight better.

i cant get new glasses right now or go to the eye Doctor because i cant afford it….

so is here any way that i can improve my eye sight naturally?
i get the biggest headache ever after that class !!

admin answers:

Jay, I am truly sorry to hear that your teacher would not accommodate you by moving you closer to the front. That is quite mean of her.

About improving your vision, I’m afraid there is really no proven way to accomplish this. I would however, suggest that one of your parents write the school a note explaining your situation and hopefully, the teacher will move you.

I’m really sorry I couldn’t be of any help.

Robert asks…

Can you improve your vision naturally?

In my experience, my eyesight used to be sort of bad, there were certain things I couldn’t see from a distance. I decided to eat even more healthy and do eye exercises. In about lets say a couple of months my eyes got slightly better. Things got a bit clearer, I started to see some differences.

I heard a person once had bad eyesight and went to 20 20. And I heard another one went in a range from -3.75 to -1.25 over doing some eye exercises.

A lot of opticians say once you get them bad, you can’t get them back. But a lot of people have improved theirs. So is there a possible way you can get it back to 20 20 or close? Naturally?

admin answers:

It may be possible to get 20/20. But it does require a few little things to be right. There are bad vision habits to get rid off. (staring being the major one). Relaxing in the head and not allowing bad attitudes to take over are other areas to consider. I find looking down on other people to make sense of a situation makes eyesight worse. It’s also a bad idea going around with an arrogant attitude that you know the right way to do things and your approach is always perfect. That’s a sign of a person unable to look at his own errors/mistakes and is generally being ignorant.

The other issue is how bad is your prescription. You might be dealing with having an eyeball that has elongated which means there’s nothing you can do to get closer to 20/20. I tried myself to use reading glasses to help encourage the eyeball to regain a sphere shape. I haven’t been able to check what shape my eyeball is now but it definitely makes a noticeable difference to the vision after wearing the glasses for a few hours.

I’m.willing to accept that some people did officially manage to reach 20/20. (like the author of ‘secret of perfect vision’) but it seems a period of 10 years would be a more realistic length of time for the eyeball adjustment to be finalized. I find it easy to wear plus power contact lenses everyday but I do feel while wearing them that i become very withdrawn with occasional oddness in my behaviour. I definitely would say I act like a completely different person with the lenses. This is probably very confusing for friends and family.

Regarding your question about opticians saying eyesight never gets better. They would be lying if they suggest EVERY person that undertakes an eyetest with them ALWAYS get a result of worse vision. If there is an explanation why this fact should be ignored then let them explain why.
People online in this site have said it happened to them. You may know friends or family who had this experience or most crucially you yourself have your own evidence in the form of your prescription.

So this stand off between two sides must indicate someone is being ignorant of the truth.

In my opinion if someone is talking about a subject and can be completely independent in their opinion then their answer is more likely to be a genuine one. If someone relies on money coming into their bank account from the sale of a product/service then that persons opinion is likely to have been compromised.

I would also like to say that it makes it harder to quit a habit when living with someone who continues with it at the same time. It applies to many things such as smoking, alcohol etc. While at first it may seem easiest for the person quitting because they face the rewards of their hard work. If the other person chooses to look down on you for your decisions it can change to a situation where they are making life harder for you. Also they might choose to make you feel like an idiot for what you’re doing (if they don’t agree with it) And in a way (in the example.of wearing glasses) they know there is no doubt about them ever having to struggle. Wearing glasses can appear a very easy option (because for them having bad eyesight comes easily.)

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