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February 27, 2013

Thomas asks…

How can you heal myopia or nearsightedness?

How can you naturally heal nearsightedness?

admin answers:

There is no actual way to cure myopia naturally!
There are different ways to correct it though. Obviously you can use corrective lenses (contacts or glasses) Or some type of laser surgery. Although laser eye surgery is not suited for everyone and there are risks and possible serious complications!
Also if you have myopia under -6.00 you could try othro k!
Ortho K is when you wear special contact lenses while you sleep to reshape your cornea so during the day without wearing the lenses you will be able to see. However the effects are temporary and you must continue to wear the lenses at night to keep the desired effect. The good thing it is reversible if you are not satisfied and there are way less side effects then laser eye surgery.
Eye exercises do not actually work at all! Talk to your eye doctor about it!

Oh ya I just wanted to add pinhole glasses only work while you are wearing them ( and they look ridiculous) and there is no actual foods that improve eyesight…. Just eat healthy to help help prevent eye disease

Ruth asks…

Eye exersises gave me 20/20 vision does that mean eye doctors are not tellling the public the truth?

I went from 20/175 TOO 20/20 does that mean dr. Bates really did learn how to cure the eye from myopia. When i took my took my exam the doctor kept looking at me with a weird grin on his face. It was scary. so my question are
Why did my eye doctor tell that i could use eye doctors when it was proven to work in some studies?
Are optomoligist ignoring the idea of eye exersises by doctor Bates?

admin answers:

Congratulations. Great job. I would love to interview you for a case history. I am trying to keep good documentation of my students successes and even those who are not my students. I especially like to document those who stumble upon the principles of natural perfect eyesight and improve their vision without ever hearing about the Bates method or Natural Eyesight Improvement.

One thing that is very important is to differentiate self healing activities from eye exercises. Self healing activities and principles of natural perfect eyesight do improve eyesight. Most of what we hear being pushed as natural eyesight is real eye exercises of eye pushups, eye drills, and eye aerobics. These more often introduce strain and tension and increase blur. Only self healing activities and principles of natural perfect eyesight improve eyesight.

Dr. Bates called some of his principles of natural perfect eyesight eye exercises in the beginning of his discoveries. Some people tried to copy what he was doing without asking him how he did or why. The best they could come up with was real eye exercises of eye pushups and eye drills. Without the principles of natural perfect eyesight, these eye pushups and eye drills become forceful and effort-full. Natural perfect eyesight is effortless easy and amazing.

When eye doctors say eye exercises don’t work, they are partially true and partially deceptive. Most people when they hear this forget about the idea of natural perfect eyesight and just continue on the path of blurry vision habits and stronger artificial corrections(glasses, contacts, and surgery). Just because eye exercises(eye pushups, eye aerobics, eye yoga) don’t work doesn’t mean we can’t relearn how to see clearly naturally.

Robert asks…

How can I fix my eyesight?

I can’t see far away and might have to get glasses soon. Can I fix my eyes naturally without laser surgery?

admin answers:

People have been claiming to have developed exercises that improve eyesight for years. You’ll notice that the Lasik people haven’t gone out of business yet. Also, don’t fall for the “wearing glasses makes your eyes weaker” nonsense.

Unfortunately, there is no way of fixing your eyesight short of laser surgery.

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