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February 26, 2013

Robert asks…

How to improve eyesight naturally?

i have bad vision but unless i am not watching something far i dont wear glasses, is that healthy and what can i do so my eyes can get better without having laser eye surgery or anything? and is it bad to rub your eyes?

admin answers:

Yes, you can improve eyesight naturally, take a look at the link below.

Rubbing your eyes is not necessarily bad, but should definitely be avoided if done as a result of irritation or something in your eye.

Lisa asks…

Is it possible to correct eyesight naturally?

If so, how?

admin answers:

You have 2 approaches. (Both have evidence that they helped some people restore their eyesight)

Everything mentioned below is essentially free. The books do have a pricetag but you can still read a review of it online to judge for yourself whether its a suitable purchase. If after starting the exercises you change your mind and want to wear glasses again that will always be possible.


This is based on eye exercises, relaxation and learning what are bad vision habits. They usually suggest not wearing any glasses during the day. This might be a problem if you have a strong prescription:

Some books:

‘Natural Vision Improvement’ by Janet Goodrich
‘Relearning To See’ by Thomas R. Quackenbush
‘Improve Your Eyesight’ by Jonathan Barnes
‘Better Eyesight Without Glasses’ by W.H. Bates
‘Help Yourself to Better Sight’ by Margaret D. Corbett
‘The Art of Seeing’ by Aldous Huxley

Some sites:


You stop wearing your regular distance glasses and instead go around all day with your natural eyesight. But for 1 or 2 hours a day you wear reading glasses. Wearing them does initially create more blur but if you are wearing +1.00 strength reading glasses your eyes should be able to adjust within 10-20 minutes and there should be no more blur caused by them.

There is a book which explains this method:
‘The secret of Perfect Vision’ by David de Angelis

The author claims to have restored his vision from having a prescription of something like -4.00 ten years ago. His method has backing from the majority of scientific research on eyesight.

Other tips i have for you are to spend more time outdoors if possible, not to live in an area of the world with a high level of myopia. (Yes i know its not a nice to say but if youre serious about eyesight then you know what your priorities are). Also avoid allowing your mind to go crazy or run like a crazy horse.
Seeing is like feeling with your hand. You need patience and some time to feel something with your hand. Seeing with your eyes is a similar process.

With regards to the people (who by coincidence are people who sell glasses) telling you eye exercise is a bad thing…please consider the following example

If you wanted to know what cola is best (pepsi or cocacola) would you expect a person working for pepsi to give the answer… Cocacola???

Its all about brand loyalty

Donald asks…

is there anyway to bring down my eye-prescription naturally?

I an 19 years old and my eye prescription keeps going up every year. It is currently at 7.5 and I don’t know what to do, my family has a history of bad eyes. My family members have both astigmatism and glaucoma. What should I do besides eye surgery since the doctor said I am not old enough for it yet.
Did your eye prescription change after the surgery, and how are your eyes doing now?

admin answers:

Yes, it’s possible to improve eyesight naturally because my prescrption was almost -4 and so far I’ve reduced to less than -2 and I’m not stopping there. I’m using a method I found in a book which includes both exercises and a correct use of glasses (i.e. Undercorrections ). I’m doing it by myself and I didn’t spend anything other than the money to buy the book, because I already had undercorrections which were my old and weaker glasses . These natural methods require time and patience and I’m sure most people wouldn’t endure them for more than a month. Nowadays people want everything immediately and with no effort. Unfortunately these methods are not considered by eye-doctors except behavioural optometrists. Most doctors will always tell you that if these things worked, nobody would wear glasses. Nice reasoning… As I said these things take too much time (months when a prescription is moderate and much longer for higher prescriptions). However I decided that it was worth it and I do not regret all the time I’m spending doing that. Unfortunately I can’t really help you, because if I told you what book I used I would immediately lose my credibility. Sadly Yahoo Answers is sometimes improperly used to advertise products and that’s absolutely not my intention because I’m just the buyer of that book and I’m in no way associated with the author or the publisher. Moreover in this section there are always many angry users (opticians,optometrists and ophtalmologists) who speak of these methods with contempt (“these mehotds never work ! They are a scam !”, “They want just to steal your money !”).
These people are partly right because if you search the web you’ll find many natural methods which promise miracle. That’s exactly the point: whenever they tell you about a method that can greatly improve your eyesight in a short time and with a little effort, then it’s definitely a scam. Nothing can greatly improve your eyesight in a month and without at least some effort. Avoid expensive methods because there’s no reason to spend a lot of money. I spent just $12 and I found not only the description of the exercises but also many scientific explanations regarding nearsightedness and its causes, how the eye works, and so on.

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