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February 25, 2013

Ken asks…

Is there any way to increase your vision naturally without contacts, etc?

Carrots don’t work for me. I want to join the air force as a fighter pilot, but my vision is pretty bad. i cant use glasses or contacts; and i cant get civilian laser surgery. any suggestions?
i know you can get lasik while ur in the service, but i want to fix it before hand if at all possible?

admin answers:

There are exercises you can do to improve your eyesight such as focusing on the horizon, then changing your focus to your hand and back again. This exercises the muscles of the eye.

Sharon asks…

What should I do about my bad eyesight?

I mean like I already have glasses and they are REALLY strong (or at least i think so) and my parents say that contacts aren’t too good and I’m scared to get lazer eye surgery.( But I probably am going to eventually, like when i turn 18 or something, I’m twelve right now)
well, should I like eat more carrots or something? lol
IS there even anything that i CAN do?
lol this was a stupid question I just felt like asking something ;P

admin answers:

How To Improve Your Eyesight Without Glasses
A good number of us are not aware that rebuilding your vision naturally is possible. We’ve been told by authorities and individuals we rely on that the only answer to shortsightedness, is to either purchase specs or a LASIK surgery.
But this is truly erroneous. I have naturally rebuilt my vision and I know there’s a natural choice. Before I descent into the particulars of how I accomplished it, let me first enlighten you why this is such a top secret.
I am certain you would like to find out why you’ve in no way been told of natural vision improvement. You see, the optics industry is worth multi-billion dollars. For it to cave in is overwhelming to individuals in it. Therefore it is normal for them to defend their livelihood.
I believe whether or not rebuilding your vision naturally works or not, is for you to come to a decision. The least you must recognize is that there’s an option.
Afterall, if it as fruitless as those individuals allege it is, why are they hiding it from you?
Now for the mystery of natural vision improvement. Be prepared for a fundamental mind shift…
Effort doesn’t assist you to see clearly. If you struggled to see, your vision declines. Vision must be natural, just like all of your other senses.
Have you ever struggled to feel, taste, hear or smell? No. Even if you did, you are not capable of it.
Vision is the most critical sense for us humans. It assists us to stay alive a very long time ago and so nature has created us with the capability to direct them.
For example, when predators are close at hand, you have the capability to keep your eyes wide open for peril. You don’t blink for a prolonged period of time.
But in the present day, folks abuse these capabilities. They keep their eyes wide open watching tv. They dare one another who blinks first (the person with the poorer eyesight ordinarily wins). And so on and so forth.
And when we keep performing these detrimental activities, they are converted into a habit. They are converted into our subconscious. And while our vision deteriorates, we buy ourselves specs.
Specs assists us to see by adjusting the way light rays fall upon our eyes. It does not amend the principal difficulty – your eyes.
Accordingly, to rebuild your vision you have to pick up the correct vision habits. In my rebuild your vision blog, I’ll reveal to you how to do that. Do not procrastinate – get to it right now.
By: Andre Thomas..
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Katie Chan is the owner of cure myopia Naturally blog where she shares information on good vision habits, eye exercises and supplements she used to get rid of her glasses after having worn them for more than 15 years.

Mark asks…

Farsighted eye ? – How can I restore my vision ?

My vision is getting blurry when I read small prints. Is there any way that I can improve my vision so that I can and see small object without wearing reading glasses ?

admin answers:

There are ways to help you to fix your vision naturally.

Do these easy yet effective farsighted eye exercises that can bring clearer vision and you do not need to wear reading glasses to read your newspaper.

1. Train your eyes to read small prints everyday as close as you can, to keep your eyes have the ability to see from a short distance. Remember not to strain your eyes.

2. Do palming while resting. Relax your eyes often with palming exercise. How to do : sit comfortably in a chair, relax and take deep breath. Rub your hands to make them warm and cover your eyes. Try not to touch your eyes. Do palming everyday for 10 to 15 minutes to strengthen your eye muscles.

3. Blinking. If prints are getting blurred, blink your eyes gently to clear your eyesight. Blinking can moist your eyes, thus enabling farsighted eye to focus objects accurately. Blink can also refresh your eyes.

4. Changing focus. When you are looking at computer or reading a book for a length of time, take break for a while by looking at an object at least 15 – 20 feet away. Remember that your eyes need variety because eye muscles tend to get strained when they are forced to see at something for long in a constant distance. To help farsighted eye effectively, you have to change focus as often as possible. This exercise will help eye muscles flexible and strong. While doing this exercise, it is important to avoid stressing your eyes.

Reading glasses minimize the work of the eyes muscles and gradually they will become weak and difficult to focus near objects. To correct vision, eye glasses and contact lenses bend light differently into your eyes, but they do not restore eye problems.

Follow these exercises everyday and you will have a good chance of having vision skill to see object clearly even at close distance. After this point, you will need to have other exercises to have perfect vision permanently and no reading glasses will be needed for the rest of your life.

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