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September 30, 2011

Michael asks…

how do i improve my eyesight because i wear glasses?

improve it safely, naturally, and free

admin answers:

Wear contact lenses.

Laura asks…

Is it possible to improve one’s eyesight naturally?

I’d like it if someone could tell me their experience and what products or methods they used (hopefully free) or even a video you followed or you think is helpful then please share. (By the way, I’m short-sighted) I know a lot of people say that eye exercises don’t help the improvement of the eye, but I’m one who believes it does.
Personally I’d like answers from those who have experience.
I’ve heard that I should check out this book:
But from the comments on that page, you apparently need to stop using your glasses, which is impossible because I need them for school.

admin answers:

If there was, don’t you think everyone would be using it? While you can keep your eyes healthy with proper nutrition, if you’re near sighted (like me) you’re near sighted for life.

John asks…

If you were locked in a dark room for 3 years – would your eyesight degrade or improve ?

like vin diesals did in pitchblack ? remember his eyes glowed in the dark or something ? ^_^

imagine being able to have , even 25% night vision….that would totaly rock right ?

i mean if anybody has some free time on their hands and wants to spend the next 3 years of their life inside a dark pitch black room, to give me the BEST possible answer….

is it scientificaly possible that the human eye could have night vision naturally ? i.e birth abnomaly or some genetic condition ?

bonus question – is it possible for the brain to slow down time so it sees things happen in super slow motion , giving you time to react like superman ?

admin answers:

In the movie pitch black vin had his eyes operated on to be like that. And your eye sight would become worse. You wouldn’t be able to see at all in the dark room, so your other senses would make up for the lack of one. It’s like fish that live in a cave, over time they become blind and learn to adapt to there surroundings without sight. And the question about slowing down time…..check out the string theory.

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