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October 30, 2011

Steven asks…

improving eyesight naturally if one eye is strained?

My right eye is strained and if i close my left eye, its pretty blurry and shortsighted…but my left eye is not too bad..

just wondering if anyone knows, apart from prescription glasses and laser eye surgery, if theres anyway to improve eyesight naturally, or strengthen the eye up again? is it possible, with eye exercises, even with some vitamins/supplements etc?

admin answers:

When you get up in the AM keep you good eye shut and make the weak eye work harder

Ruth asks…

Is it possible to improve vision naturally with exercises or other ways?

I’ve seen books and online programs that claim to improve eyesight

admin answers:

This is some health benefit to training your eyes if you have slightly imperfect vision, you may be able to correct it simply with exrecises. I have read biographies about people doing just that, but most people don’t want to spend extra time each day exercising their eyes.

William asks…

Are there any ways of naturally improving eyesight?

I am trying to cure my nearsightedness instead of having to get glasses and or surgery. Are there any things I can try like eye exercises, foods, drugs? Please answer only if you know of anything?

admin answers:


Get laser surgery. It only cost me about $4000, and I had a relatively high correction profile.

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