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November 29, 2011

George asks…

What are ways to naturally improve eyesight?

admin answers:

Eating green leafy vegetables is a natural way to improve eye-sight.

Thomas asks…

Is there any way to naturally improve your eyesight?

Something free. I’ve heard that eating carrots improves your eyesight… is that just an old wives tale? I’ve heard a variation that it only improves seeing in the dark too.

I’ve heard about “eye exercises” but it sounds like BS to me.

I’m very near-sighted with astigmatism if that makes any difference.

admin answers:

I can’t really answer about *improving* your eyesight (I am also extremely nearsighted), but I did want to share a relaxing eye exercise I was told about when I was younger that I still practice to this day. If you are like me and have to look through strong prescription lenses all day, you probably know how nice it feels to take off your glasses, like when you go to bed, or wash your face, or shower. The exercise is, take 5 or 10 minutes out of your day to sit down, or lie down, without your glasses on. Cover your eyes for 5 or 10 minutes, and just feel the muscles relax. Looking through glasses all day forces your eyes to adjust to a new shape… But not their natural shape (as horrible as your vision may be with that natural shape). So let your eyes relax and have a break for 10 minutes. Don’t let any light in. After covering them for 5-10 minutes, uncover them. Leave your glasses off, and take a look around the room. Now try to identify every colour of the rainbow. Look around until you find something vibrantly red. Now orange. Next, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink. With your own unaided eyes colours appear more bright and visible.

I did hear of a way to PREVENT nearsightedness, particularly among children… Check out the website: It’s quite “anti eye-care-business”, but it’s worth considering.

Hope this was helpful!

Ken asks…

Is there any way to improve eyesight naturally?

Are there any ways besides eating carrots? I heard there were eye exercises, but, do they actually work?

admin answers:

See the answer I just gave here;_ylt=AksdMdcvhgZrV8oK1e.CiZPty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100629004657AAteVP8&show=7#profile-info-w8c1mEaMaa

But he does recommend some things besides the eyewash formula

email me for the links to the save your life videos and manual and see the films and the chapter in the manual on the eyes.

Actually carrots are one part of it in the form of three glasses of organic carrot juice with some other things so see the link above and email me for that manual chapter on the eyes

It would not hurt to do the bates eye exercises either and read the eye chart as he recommends daily..Glasses often make you worst and the book is interesting as he explains why and his studies in the new york school system

oh you might also add organic bilberry tincture to your routine.

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