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February 10, 2012

Helen asks…

How can I improve my vision?

My eyesight has become -4.. I don’t want any glasses.. How can I improve it naturally?

admin answers:

There are many methods for naturally fixing your vision. Eye exercises, diet, vitamins, carrots, Bates method, etc.

They don’t work.

You get to use corrective lenses for now. Once your vision stabilizes, you can then consider laser surgery.

Thomas asks…

Eye sight improvement?

Does any one know how to improve eyesight naturally (without medicine, no lazer eye surgery).ALSO please give me the website where you found it!

admin answers:

Perhaps the most effective way to help your vision is by reducing eyestrain. Long uninterrupted hours spent staring at a computer monitor, television, or book lock your eye muscles in position, causing them to tire.

You may want to consider re-arranging your workstation to position your monitor correctly, reduce poor lighting and glare, and make sure your posture is squared away ergonomically. It’s also very important to take “vision breaks” — glancing across the room or out the window every 15 minutes or so. Other suggestions include closing your eyes periodically, blinking a lot, and using artificial tears.

David asks…

Hey! I have a question….?

has anyone bought a book about how to improve eyesight naturally?? If u did tell me about your results and stories. TAnks!!!

admin answers:

Eat a lot of squash or any vegetable that’s rich in vitamin A for good eyesight.

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