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February 4, 2012

Mark asks…

How do I improve my eyesight?

But I know a lot of people whose eyesight actually improved naturally. I don’t know why/how that happened. How come it’s not happening for me? It even happened to my sister, who’s supposed to be genetically similar to me
Seriously I tried everything to improve my eyesight but nothing worked. My eyesight is about -6 for both eyes. How can I improve my eyesight and is there any way that I can have perfect eyesight again? P.S. I tried neck rolling, which eliminated my neck tension a lot, but I’m not too sure about eyesight.
Actually I did have 20/20 vision up to grade 3, but then I got a contagious eye disease that infected half of my classmates, and afterwards I started wearing glasses and then my eyesight deteriorated rapidly until they became extremely myopic. I saw the photos of my eyeballs and my eyeballs were very elongated and not round the way normal eyeballs would look.

admin answers:

I am a massage therapist and we did learn a little about massaging for eye site as well as exercises for eye site. There are many factors for restoring eye site naturally and for most people the amount of work put into restoring your eye site compared to the amount of benefit is considered not worth it. Things that may help are finding ways to rest your optical muscles. There are also exercises. The basis for the exercises is to think about how we used our site in nature. I would recommend purchasing something like yoga for the eyes.

I do have 20/20 vision and I am the only person in my family including my extended family that has 20/20 vision. I have always had it and I am at the age that most people do not have it. All my family even had problems as children with glasses so I know this stuff does work.

Steven asks…

Has anyone improved their eyesight naturally?

admin answers:

See the Bates method

Carol asks…

Eye exercises can improve eyesight ?

My daughter wants to get rid of myopia. She insists on improving this problem naturally. Can myopia be fought by doing eye exercises? If so, how to do them ?

admin answers:

Yes the eyes can be trained, and vision can be improved through exercising them. It is best to avoid things like TV screens and monitors to ensure that the natural healing works most efficiently.

Strokes in the eye have been cured through Indian yoga.

You don’t need to pay for yoga, it can be done at home..

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