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February 2, 2012

Sharon asks…

How to improve eyesight naturally!!?

I need to know how to improve our eye sight naturally and i would like to get feedback from people who have actually done that..

I really believe it is possible

admin answers:

Try PVS system

Linda asks…

How to improve eyesight?

I’m nearsighted and I aspire to fly jets for the air force. I read somewhere online that any sort of corrective eye surgery automatically prohibits you from being a pilot. Is there any way to enhance/improve eyesight naturally?

admin answers:

Check out the articles at Natural News. Never mind what you read online. Check with the Air Force.

William asks…

How can I improve my eysight without using glasses?

I had very good eyesight but now I am 13 and my eyesight is at 20/100. I want to know how I can improve my eyesight naturally without getting glasses? I really hate not being able to see things from far away.

admin answers:

You are near sited and that has to do with the shape of your eyeball.
Last I heard, there is nothing short of surgery or glasses to improve that. Nothing you can eat or exercise will have an effect on the shape of your eyeball.

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