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January 23, 2012

Mandy asks…

Is their anyway to improve my eyesight naturally?

Basically i have to get my eyesight up to 20 in 4 years, and dont give me that ” Eat more carrots turd because i know it dosen’t work. :)

admin answers:

Yes, people can relearn to see clearly and naturally without the crutches of glasses or other artificial corrections. Basically they need to upgrade their vision software for these complex times, or unlearn the incorrect vision habits which give us blur and reintegrate the correct vision habits.

People should do a little more research before they defame a person.

In 1885 William H. Bates graduated with a medical degree from the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University in New York. Dr. Bates became a successful and well-respected eye surgeon in New York, where he was an instructor of ophthalmology at the New York Postgraduate Medical School and Hospital from 1886 to 1891.

He discovered adrenalin and his work was published the New York Medical Journal in 1886.

He discovered that we interfere with our perfect eyesight and that that interference gave us blurry vision. He helped many thousands of people return to perfect eyesight without artificial corrections, many of whom did not have the means for treatment. The Optometric Society did not like him interfering with their business so they kicked him out in 1891, all this before he disappeared 1902 and was found with amnesia/identity loss.

Because of his success many people tried to copy him. Because they did not ask him what he was doing, the best they could come up with was eye exercises or eye pushups. Eye exercises like those taught by The See Clearly Method do not work. Most optomotrists and their patients today confuse Natural Eyesight Improvement or The Bates Method with Eye Exercises.

Linda asks…

How to improve my near eyesight naturally and practically ?

admin answers:

Practically- get corrective lenses.

Michael asks…

Are there any ways to improve my eyesight naturally?

admin answers:

I use eyebright and bilberry herbs.

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