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January 15, 2012

Betty asks…

Would you like to tell me which program can help to improve eyesight naturally?

admin answers:

There is program can help you to improve eyesight naturally by Dr William Horatio Bates

Paul asks…

Is there any way to improve your eyesight naturally?

I really don’t want to hide behind glasses and contact lenses my whole life. And laser eye surgery is out of the question. So what can I do?

admin answers:

It seems like a great idea but vision therapy is bogus. (Sorry to spoil it!). Vision has to do with the length of the eye and the shape of the cornea (the clear dome above the iris).

When light passes through a medium (water, window pane etc.) it is called refraction. The light passes through the cornea (refraction) and comes to a point (imagine what an ice cream cone looks like- see first link below for an example). Ideally, that point is supposed to land directly on the retina (the back of the eye that contains photoreceptors responsible for vision). BUT…

If the eye is longer than the “normal eye” (around 22 mm or so), the light doesn’t make it to the back of the eye (hence the need for lenses to “move” the light further back onto the eye.

If the eye is shorter that the “normal eye” the light would come to a point beyond the back of the eye– which is impossible hence requiring lenes to “move” the light closer to the front of the eye.

Tell me how eye exercises can shrink or grow an eye?

The front surface plays a role in astigmatism….ever see a warped window. Light doesn’t pass through clearly…it’s hazy. How can eye exercises reshape the front surface of an eye?

Those people selling those “cures” are snake oil salesmen! Do not hand your money over to them! It’s just not anatomically possible!

Donald asks…

what can i do improve my eyesight naturally?

actually from a couple of days i get headaches while watching tv or the comp and my eyes pain?i cannot see the blackboard from the last bench but i dont want to wear galsses or lens.guys plz help me.i need help desperately.

admin answers:

Drink carrot juice three times in day & continus 7 days .after 7 days 1glass drink carrot juice daily& also morning walk on green grass

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