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September 29, 2011

William asks…

how can i improve my vision naturally and for free?

admin answers:

Well u can drink carrot juice i suggest u mix it with apple and some times you should look far away in open areas, this might sound wierd but before you sleep you should put ice in you,re eyes but of course you should close youre eyes then it well reduce the eye pressure.

Lizzie asks…

does rebuild your vision work?

there’s a rebuild your vision program and it says it works. Does it really? I bought it and used it for a little while and it made no difference. I’m -2.5 stopped wearing glasses and it didn’t help but i’ve only did it for 4 days. Has it helped anybody at all? what about the bates method? how can I get rid of a little bit of my myopia. also is this story real? link:
so is this a scam or for real. i really just wish i could be back to -2.0
half year ago, i was -2.0 then i used the computer a lot and read a lot and did a lot of homework and i noticed my vision got worse. worst off, with winter, i didn’t go outside so I was on the computer surfing the web a whole lot, almost 24/7 during free time and last week’s eye exam i was -2.5 one eye -2.25 so can i go back to -2 with this program.

also, i wear my glasses almost constantly, when i was -2 i used to never wear em, so how can i go back to -2 i’m so desperate. help me recover vision. does wearing reading glasses help?

with my vision, i gotta be kinda close w/o glasses to see this screen and also when i read, so should i wear glasses full time?

admin answers:

Not for everyone.

It depends what your problem is. Most of us just have a refractive problem so those therapy will not work.

With your prescription it is good to wear it full time. Won’t damage your eyes, just help you see everything clearer.

Sandra asks…

Improve eye sight naturally?

Hi, I want to go into the Air Force and become a fighter pilot. Everyone has heard fighter pilots have to have 20/20 vision. However, after studies done by the Air Force a few years ago they found that after LASIK and PRK surgery pilots are in no risk at damage to their eyes due to high G forces due to ejections and flights and thus allow flight seeking students at ROTC or Academy to get surgery free of charge and compete for a pilot slot if it was done correctly and by a military doctor. My question is though can I improve my eye sight naturally using excercises or anything to help improve my eye sight so when I apply for the surgery I am a more acceptable canidate or maybe even loose contacts for good and not need surgery at all?

admin answers:

Nope, not possible naturally. The only people who say it is possible are either A)trying to sell you something, B)scientologists, or C)Those two are about the same thing.

(by the way, I went to USAFA. Best of luck to you for getting in! It’s an awesome place)

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