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November 28, 2011

Michael asks…

How to improve my vision?

I found some ways to do this naturally, but would like to hear any tips anyone out there has. I don’t have awful vision, just bad enough to need contacts. And I’m nearsighted (if that makes a difference). Just looking for something to do every morning that might eventually ween me off of contacts.

admin answers:

Laser eye surgery

Paul asks…

Is there a way to improve your eye vision getting your 20/20?

I have 20/30 vision but i don’t want lasik eye surgery or contacts, but naturally.

admin answers:

I don’t mean to sound sarcastic but if better vision was so easily achieved, Lasik surgery would not have been invented.

Mark asks…

how can i improve my eye vision?

i am short sighted. I don’t want to wear glasses. i want to improve my eye naturally.

admin answers:

Crossing and uncrossing your eyes can help. You basically need to keep them moving around to exercise the muscle, like any other muscle in the body.

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