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October 29, 2011

Thomas asks…

How can I improve my eye sight naturally?

I am far sighted. I hate wearing glasses and I also hate wearing contacts and I don’t want to get surgery. How can I improve my vision naturally?

admin answers:

You can eat 30 pounds of carrots a day and it will never make a difference in your vision. That’s just a silly myth.

No vitamins or foods or exercises will improve your vision. None of those things will change the shape of your eyes.

Sorry, but you have to do like millions of others and wear glasses or contacts, or get laser surgery done.

Chris asks…

What is a good method of improving vision naturally?

I’m currently exploring modalities such as vitamins, exercise, and relaxation.

admin answers:

There are exercises you can do. Heres one product, but its a bit dearer than others:

Laura asks…

How can I improve my vision?

Because I am really vain about having to use glasses, and my mom won’t even consider getting me contact lenses. If I had to rate my vision, i’d probably rate it 7 of 8 out of 10. I notice that sometimes I have to squint to see things in class, and that black letters on the whiteboard sometimes look gray and blurry to me. What are some habits I could have to improve my visionNATURALLY?

admin answers:

A lot of times in class you go from looking at your notebook while taking notes to the board and your eyes take a while to focus.
To help with your focusing try looking at things far away and close up and alternating them. Look at something, like your computer screen or a book, and then something else farther away in the room. Wait for your eyes to focus on then what you are looking at then switch. Do this alternating between close and far things for about 5 minutes a day.

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