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December 28, 2013

Ken asks…

How cuban professionals who deffect from medical missions can obtain their trasnscrypts and verifications?

I was a health professional back in Cuba and desserted from a mission, how I don’t know if the medical school will give the verifications and transcrypts that Canadian institutions request. I wonder if US institutions, who know better about Cuban situation, will understand about the Cuban politics of not giving papers to deffectors.

admin answers:

Unfortunately, I think either country US/Canada will require your transcripts from Cuba. You will prob have to switch career’s or change career’s within the medical profession if you chose to stay in Canada/US.

Richard asks…

How does everyone feel about the airport mission in modern warfare 2, No Russian?

I bought the game a couple days ago on ebay and i should have it by saturday… How bad is this mission… My mate says he felt sick while he was playing it.

admin answers:

Seriously, IT’S A GAME.
You walk through an airport shooting virtual characters almost exactly the same as all the other characters in the game except they don’t have guns, big deal. If that kind of things upsets your friend then why is he playing 18+/M rated games?
It certainly did not make me feel ‘sick’ playing that level and should you choose so, you can skip it. But to be quite honest the entire game is pretty violent so if you don’t like that level, why should any of the others levels be of any enjoyment? The game is about killing people. You know this when you buy it. If you don’t like killing people in games, then I’m afraid Modern warfare 2 is not the game for you. If however, you can distinguish between games and reality then it’s a very entertaining game which is in no way marred by that level.

Sandra asks…

How do you make sure your team survives the suicide mission in mass effect 2?

What must be done to make sure all members of your team survive the last mission in mass effect 2?

admin answers:

The ship must be fully upgraded. Talk to your squad members to unlock the upgrades. You also have to do everyone’s loyalty mission, and retain their loyalty with a high paragon/renegade score if they get in to an argument later. Then during the mission you need to choose the right specialists, look up a guide if you want to know exactly who is best. It’s not hard to figure out though.

If you do this, everyone will live. Even if you don’t, it’s possible for everyone to live, just far less likely.

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