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July 31, 2013

Maria asks…

Can you choose what specific missions you want to fly in the air force?

In the Royal Canadian Air Force, could I choose what missions I want to fly on a given aircraft? I want to train on the C130s and I would like to fly SAR with them, but do I have any choice, preference or say in which squadron I’m posted to? Would I be allowed to request to be posted to a transport and rescue squadron, as opposed to something like tactical airlift or transport?

admin answers:

Don’t expect to choose your mission.
You might have a dream list- but remember no matter what you want to do-
if the RCAF needs you doing something else you do that.

Lizzie asks…

How do I choose my mission on 007 Legends?

How do I download and choose the Skyfall mission on 007 legends? Do I have to complete other missions in order to play the skyfall part?

admin answers:

Gamehints gamecheats

Steven asks…

How can I unlock the extra on Secret Saturdays: Beasts Of The 5th Sun PSP?

When I go to the map where I choose mission, press start and there will be an extra page in there. How can I get all of them unlock? Please Help

admin answers:

I’m assuming PSP is the same as the Wii one so let’s see, if you’re talking about Concept Art, Movies, Secrets or the Cryptipedia, I’ll try to explain the best I can.
Concept Art- Beat the game
Movies- Each movie is what plays at the beginning/end of each level. Unlock those by completing each level and beat the game to unlock a behind the scenes one.
Secrets- Those are unlocked with secret codes. I think the other way was to scan all of the Beast of Bownesses in each level, and according to which level they’re all scanned on, that’s the secret that’s unlocked.
Cryptipedia- Scan the cryptids and artifacts in each level 2-3 times (3 if you want all of the information) and they appear in the Cryptipedia through scans. 5 other cryptids appear and can be scanned after unlocking them, which you need the codes for.

Hope this helps. I only have the DS and Wii versions, so I’m not entirely sure how the PSP one is set up. From what I’ve seen I think it and the Wii have the same gameplay, but not sure about the rest. Adieu~

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