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October 29, 2013

Maria asks…

Can federal agents or state agency choose any gun of their choice?

Can federal agents choose any firearm to use in the field for example can they choose between a Glock and a Heckler and Koch USP or a Sigarms?…or are they stuck with what the agency give them?

admin answers:

Most departments will specify both the make and model. This in many ways has to do with limiting liability. The reason that guns like the Glock are popular with departments is that it requires a fair amount of pressure on the trigger to fire the gun. That is because these guns are trigger cocked (Double Action Only). Guns such as the 1911A1 have light trigger pulls from the single action position and so are more easily discharged under stress. This makes for more accidental discharges, which leads to more lawsuits. The ability to shoot the gun accurately is less important to the departments than the ability to reduce lawsuits.

Paul asks…

Can a Demon cause a Christian to sin, or do they just plant the idea and provide the temptation?

Can a Demon make a Christian “pull the trigger” in a situation, or does the Demon have to just mess up their head a bit?

admin answers:

According to scientific research the sub-conscious brain has a biggest impact on behavior and thinking than previously thought. They demonstrated how it was possible to know via brain scans what action or selection would be chosen before the person did it.

The test was rudimentary but it shows that the mind is still not properly understood. As far as religion goes most “evil” is just the persons own deepest avarice manifesting itself. The “devils” have little to do but steer him on the track.

Laura asks…

What are the pros and cons of electric and gas powered paintball guns? Which do you recommend?

Hey there. I am really trying to choose wisely on what kind of paintball gun I am going to buy. I just wanted to know which one is better in quality and performance. Do you know of any good paintball sites where I can buy any pb markers and gear? Thank you.

admin answers:

Ok let me help. You have a lot of things to sort out here.

All paintball gear runs off of some type of propellant (air). The most common is CO2. There is also HPA which is compressed air. It is cleaner and is needed on higher level guns.

The electronic guns that you’re seeing still need one of these air systems. The electronic part of it is the trigger. Instead of a mechanical trigger where you physically pull the trigger which releases the hammer, in an electric marker you pull the trigger which works a solenoid or pneumatics…no matter what you have you still need some type of air.

To get started I would recommend to you maybe a Tippmann 98 Custom or a Spyder Pilot ACS. Both are solid markers that are pretty easy to use and work on and clean. They’re pretty solid markers.

As far as online purchasing….I would suggest

Before you go buying stuff however, might I suggest a couple other websites to you so you can get some info about what it is that you’re buying.

Http:// before you buy anything check it out here first and see what other players are saying about it LOTS of info here. Huge knowledge base about most everything.

I hope this helps a little bit. Good luck.

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