Your Questions About If You Choose To Pull The Trigger

July 30, 2012

Charles asks…

What does the bible say about war?

I just have noticed that in my political observations a lot of leaders who invoke god in their speeches a lot seem to be the quickest to go to war.
What does the bible say about soldiers themselves. To roughly phrase something I heard, someone said, “People were angry after Vietnam at soldiers because they refused to accept personal responsibly for their actions, deferring it to orders; but if a soldier chooses not pull the trigger all the other choices made by the chain of command evaporate.I had been a solider, I know.” Maybe the point being argued is a idealistic one, but it got me thinking IF (and I dunno for certain) the christian god says wars are bad, are those who kill in them judged alongside those who started them?
Thanks for any biblical passages you can cite. I am not a christian but have soldier friends who are, so it made me wonder,

admin answers:

Some hypocritical stuff

Carol asks…

So the fear thing that christians use to convert people is also useful to make weapons out of others?

Fear is so very useful to CHristianity isn’t it?
It keeps them in power and a few are even rich because of it. PLus.. it is a way to make a kind of weapon out of people. You can do this by making them so afraid of someone that they will actually do violence to that person and the ones who placed the fear in them aren’t responsible!!!!!!! WOW….

A Christian can put a bullet in a gun, place it in a three year old’s hand (the new believer who is like a child spiritually as their own Bible says) and what ever happens isn’t the christian’s responsibility!!!!! I mean like if the child kills someone… well they were the one who chose to pull the trigger. NICE isn’t it???

Doing evil and not ultimately being responsible. Now that’s “True” Christianity!!! I finally get it!!!!

admin answers:

Yep, true and scary

Sandra asks…

POLL: There are TWO pistols in front of you, one of them is loaded…?

you have to choose one to pull the trigger at facing your head. Would you shoot it at yourself?

If you survive, you win $100 million. I know I would

admin answers:

I would do it if there were 3 pistols. But with 2, that’s 50/50 and I wouldn’t do it unless the odds are in my favor.

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