Your Questions About If You Choose To Pull The Trigger

December 30, 2012

Chris asks…

Springfield 1911 Military spec or para ordinance GI or can you reccomend another?Ever shoot a baby desert eagl?

I am going to buy my first 45 acp. Looking at either of these 2 they are both close in price at cabelas for $750. Was wondering if anyone who owns these could give me some feedback. Which one would you choose and do you have any other ones that would be close in price(within $100) to recommend? Basically looking for the best non poly 45 acp out there in my price range. My brother in law is looking for 1 also. He plans on using his for concealed. What would be the drawbacks of having a large single action for your concealed? I was wondering with using it for concealed carry if it has an 8+1 capacity say you load it to that. With it being a single action do you have to walk around with the hammer back in the the c00cked position ready to fire? or can you have the hammer forward with one in the chamber and just have to do a full trigger pull? thanks. Also still never shot it but i know alot of people on here hate desert eagle’s but does anyone have any experience with say their baby eagle in 40 or 45?
Sorry my bad the price is $650 for both the para GI and the springfield military spec. $750 was for the next para ordance above the GI
How are Taurus’ for 1911′s? I have heard about the same amount of good vs bad for them for their cheaper pistols. Haven’t heard much about their 1911

admin answers:

Here’s a comparison of the Springfield and the Para in a 1911 forum that should help you:
You really need to do some online gun shopping for prices. Cabela’s is high.

Helen asks…

Does God grant humans free will to enter Heaven?

Suppose I, or let’s say a mob boss for the sake of not further antagonizing myself, were to hold a gun to your head and say, “Give me your money or I’ll shoot.” Now suppose you don’t give the mob boss his money and get killed: who’s fault is it that you were killed? Sure, the mob boss pulled the trigger, but you consciously didn’t choose the option that would save you from getting murdered. Is the mob boss innocent? Did you bring it upon yourself? “Of course,” you‘re probably thinking, “That’s clearly murder because I was given an unjust choice and ultimately shot against my will.”

Now consider the notion that God says, “Do as I say or I will burn you in hell for eternity.” Well suppose you don’t do as he says. Are these situations at all different? After all, if given the choice between eternal bliss and eternal torture, few would ask to be sent to Hell. God ultimately makes the decision to send people to Hell just as the mob boss is ultimately pulls the trigger, not the victims.

It’s not exactly free will then is it? It’s do what I say and be forced to live in an inescapable and eternal paradise or don’t do what I say and be forced to live in an inescapable and eternal oven.

admin answers:

If you assume a God, and I don’t know why you would, then you have to understand that said God MAKES THE RULES.

There is never any stipulation in the major scriptures that says God plays by the same rules he sets for humans, nor should anyone expect there to be (if a deity is assumed to be given).

There’s really no way to use human behavior to argue about God. Luckily, God does not appear to exist.

Michael asks…

What do you think about my poem?


Pain controls my life
he chooses my every step
and when I think that I can take no more
I hear the voice of death
he says he’s my way out
he says come be with me
he says just listen to the words I say
and I will set you free
but what will I have to do I say
he says soon enough you‘ll know
just do what I say and don’t look back
and pain will let you go
tell me what to do I say
to finally win this game
just close your eyes and don’t look back
and you‘ll be free of pain
ok now that I’ve done
now have I won the game
no there’s one more thing that you must do
to rid yourself of pain
well tell me what it is
this I need to know
just pull the trigger and don’t look back
and pain will let you go

suicide you speak of
this I ask you why
cause pain will choose your every step
until the day you die
this I cannot do
I’d rather live than die
then pain will choose your every step
and he will take your life
but pain is not that bad
he’s only here at times
only when i see her face
or dream of her hazel eyes
but the pain you cannot bear it
this is why you choose the blade
and you try to hide the dark-red cuts
that the steel has made
I only tried it once or twice
now I turn to friends
but you know that deep inside your heart
they just don’t understand
these words I speak are true
your friends just don’t know pain
and if you never pull the trigger
you‘ll always play this game
but what if I don’t like it
and I want to be alive
well I am death I’ll bring you back
I’ll bring you back to life
well then I guess I’ll do it
to rid myself of pain
well then pull the trigger and don’t think twice
and I swear you‘ll win this game

my hand is on the gun now
and then I start to cry
and halfway there I realize
that I don’t want to die
I try to stop myself
but Death controls my hands
I tell him I don’t want to die
but he tells me its the end
the gun is to my head now
tonights the night I die
and as I’m crying crimson tears
I say my last goodbye
Death makes me pull the trigger
but no one hears the shot
and as I take my final breath
my heart begins to stop
death has made me do it
when he said come be with me
I’m lying on the ground not moving
and don’t feel very free
and with a single thread of hope
as I’m holding on to life
I whisper God don’t let me go
and the dark consumes the light
thats one more lost redemption
and one more boy was broken
my life was lost because of her
because of her words unspoken
and as I’m drifting through the darkness
my nightmare finally ends
I’m lying in my bed now
and the light is shining in
I get out of my bed
and as I fall down to my knees
I say thank you God for showing me

admin answers:

Woah is that deep. I got bored of reading it tho nbc i have a rly short attention span when it comes to deep stuff but i have firneds who would literally write that down on thir cells and foward it ot everyone they know ( they read a poem written on a table and did that )

im new and so id really appriciate a best answer-

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