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December 11, 2012

Susan asks…

Why is google voice using my cell minutes?

I have an android phone on virgin mobile, and have the google voice app. It is using my minutes. I thought that google voice would use either the data (which is unlimited) or wi-fi since it makes calls over the internet.

admin answers:

If you’re using the Google Voice app, it makes calls by calling you first, then connecting you to the person. It would be free if your carrier had free incoming calls, but Virgin Mobile doesn’t. That’s why it’s using your minutes.

If you download the app called GrooVe IP for $4.99, it directs calls through Gmail’s free voice calling through the internet, which means it’d be free if you have unlimited data.

Richard asks…

Do you need anything to use google voice on a macbook pro? bluetooth headset?

I am planning on using google voice on a macbook pro, but I do I need a headset to do this? If so, would a bluetooth one work, and any recommendations on a good and clear quality one that would also work for a phone? Thank you!
Is the voice/audio quality good when on macbook pro? I am going to be using google voice for business phone calls. Thank you!

admin answers:

Macbook have all the things you want.No need to install anything.

Daniel asks…

How can I stop google voice on my phone?

So i bought a google nexus as a replacement phone and I was told I had to install this google voice nonsense to get to my voicemail. So i signup and it has taken over my texts and whenever I get a call I have to press a number to approve it. Is there a way to turn off this approve a call feature from hell? OR do i have to hard reset my phone to get rid of it?

admin answers:

Login to google voice
Removing call screening

If you’d like to answer calls to your Google number without pressing any numbers, simply disable call screening in your Google Voice settings. Here’s how:

Click the gear icon at the top right of any Google Voice page, click the Voice settings link, and select the Calls tab.
Select the ‘Off’ radio button option in the Call Screening section.
Click Save Changes.

With call screening turned off, the first phone that picks up will get the call if you have several forwarding phones.

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