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October 28, 2012

Mandy asks…

How to uninstall Google Voice and Video on Mac?

It tells me to go to my library then application support, then Google, voice and video uninstall er.
My mac doesn’t have a uninstall er, when I googled this someone else had the same problem and never got a answer. When i video chat with my friends on tiny chat , it doesn’t let me, it “cant ” find my camera.

Please help.

admin answers:

Go to Finder:Library:Application Support: Google: and use the uninstaller for the plug-in you must close all browsers first than go to tiny chat and it should work if you use Google than guess you have to install and uninstall when not in use but I am able to tiny chat now

William asks…

How do you listen to someones conversations on google voice?

My brother was looking through previous conversations I’ve had with people on my cellphone. I want to know how he did this being how apparently the application he used was google voice.

admin answers:

If you make and receive call using google voice it keep a history of your calls. If you have these people in your contacts the name will show too. Your cell phone bill online could show the same information. Google could record incoming conversation by pressing the number 4 on incoming calls it will tell the people they are being recorded so you must be mistaken that he is listening to call on you cellphone with google voice. Google voice does not record call without informing the parties on the line.

Lizzie asks…

How to completely delete a google voice account?

I uninstalled the app on my phone and I put it on do not disturb and tried to delete my cell as the forwarding number, how do I completely delete google voice from my gmail account? I have been getting random calls and its annoying and I just want it gone for good. Please help!

admin answers:

Try to use the professional tool to delete google voice account?

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