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August 23, 2012

Joseph asks…

How does google voice work with my cell phone?

I am wanting to you google voice but I would like to know a little more about it. I want to know if someone calls my google number and I answer it on my cell phone will my cell phone company charge me for the minutes I use?

admin answers:

Yes your regurlar service minutes will kick into effect.

With Google voice however, you can add a home or office phone to be linked to that one number.
So if you answer your cell phone you can actaully seemlessly tranfer the call to the home or office and the caller will never know. That will save your cellular minutes.

Lizzie asks…

How do you use google voice to automatically forward text messages?

I heard that google voice can do this and also where do I get google voice from? (I’m on a iPhone 4)

admin answers:

Iphone apps.

Mary asks…

How can I stop calls to my regular number from forwarding to google voice?

I set up a google voice number so that I can take business calls on my personal cell phone and have a separate voicemail for business calls. However, when someone calls my personal phone number (not my google voice number) it forwards them to my google voicemail. Is there a way to have only calls from my google number forward to my google voicemail?

admin answers:

Call your cell phone provider dial 611 and ask them how to reset your voice mail to go to the the default service. If you list your provider maybe I could tell you.

For sprint dial *38, wait for the beeps and hang up. Inbound calls should now go to Sprint’s voicemail system. If not, call Sprint customer service, and ask them to remove the Google Voice feature code from your account and reset your Sprint voice mail.

Turns out the *73 turned off the “conditional call forwarding”

on android
Home screen -> Menu -> Settings -> Call -> Voicemail Service. Select the dropdown button and choose My Carrier.

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