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November 17, 2012

Sandra asks…

Has anyone taught themselves a different language using google translate?

I’m talking a highschool french class (french 1&2) But I feel like were going to slow. We’ve spent the past 5 weeks going over grammar and proper use of you and I and us and we. I know how to pronounce most of the words. DO you think I could learn quicker learning french words off of google translate? And do you know of anyone whos learned a whole language using only / mostly Google Translate?

admin answers:

Hello. I have your answer. Go to this website. Its
The website is awesome and has tons of languages to learn!
ALSO you have to fill out quizzed and THEN your quizzes get sent out to people in France for THEM to grade your homework so youll know right then and there if your answers are correct.
CHeck out the website. Its free and I love it. Also you can record what you see in a sentence and the french people will correct you if you did not pronounce the words correctly. Its recommended you use a microphone while going on the website though to use the website like its supposed to be used.

Linda asks…

How to remove google translate toolbar banner?

The google translate banner at the top of certain webpages means I cannot click on links and view other pages on the site, it keeps taking me back to the home page. Does anyone know how I can get rid of this function for good as I have tried pressing tools then un-selecting translate but it still appears?

admin answers:

There is a cross button in the right of the toolbar

Thomas asks…

Google Translate redirect to standard interface instead of the iPhone optimised version?

When I access Google Translate using Safari browser on iPhone it takes me to the standard interface that is just meant for PCs, rather than the iPhone optimised interface, and this is annoying. It was working before but not anymore.

admin answers:


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