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September 6, 2012

James asks…

Google Translate – I am unable to erase the original text of the page displayed . Can any one help?

I have type a text displayed in the box provided by google translate. I might have save it. Whenever I log on the Google Translate it display the text. How do I erase this?

admin answers:

Try to refresh either the page, or if not, your browser. You computer too, I guess, or it may just be a temporary problem with Google itself.

Lizzie asks…

How do I hide google translate toolbar on a page?

I’ve tried to pull the translated page frame (the one underneath the bar) and use that address.. it works fine for me but others are getting redirected to the original page with the translate tool bar.. I’m guessing it must be my anti virus software or browser or something like that that is blocking the script for me but for nobody else.. So how can I stop the script altogether or hide the google translate toolbar?

admin answers:

If you are using firefox …
Right click below the address bar and deselect google tool bar.
Or click on Customize and remove the tool bar.
You can add it later when you need.

Even for IE nearly it is same.

Betty asks…

Is Google Translate a good way to learn foreign languages?

It’s free and there’s lots of languages on their list, and some of them have a sound feature so we can hear each word. Is Google Translate a good for learning languages? What benefits and flaws does it have?

admin answers:

No,because it messes up alot and gives you wrong translations.

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