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March 29, 2012

Ruth asks…

Google scholar?

In one of my assignments, we’re required to find 3 articles that provide ideas about Google and its impact using ONLY Google Scholar. Although this sounds remotely easy, i couldnt find anything useful as opposed to using ordinary search. Thing is, we need to provide proof that what we search is actually done so using scholar so i dont have much choice. Help please? Any ideas how should i go about finding it? Or if u happen to come across one, how did u do so? Thanks in advance!

admin answers:

Click on google scholar

type in quotes “ideas google” gives you 14 results

also just type in google in the search

Susan asks…

What should I typed into google scholar to find an article?

So basically my essay is about how creativity levels can benefit things later in life such as business, inventors, etc and even though other countries like china score much higher on standardized test, its only because the kids have no other choices in school but text books.
so basically what should i type in google scholar to find an article about how creativity benefits many things later in life or something else to relate to my essay.
or maybe you have an article in mind already? thank you!

admin answers:

Skills knowledge
thinking learning skills research
difference learning facts thinking implementation knowledge

Michael asks…

Apart from google scholar, are there any good search engine for free professional and good academic resources?

Apart from google scholar, are there any good search engine for free professional and good academic resources like some papers or works?
Iam going to write my paper (12000 words) in this summer but I only know how to use google scholar and sometimes it is not enough.

admin answers:

Many of them depend on the specific field. I could point you to one for astronomy and physics, but that might not be helpful. You could stop by a university library and ask the reference librarian to help you find papers.

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