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January 19, 2013

Joseph asks…

How do I download a bunch of google images quickly?

How can I download all images from Google images? The original images that are linked from Google to other websites. Every time I try I end up at a site that seems to be malicious/full of popups.

Is there a way to download a bunch at once based on a search term or a program that does this for free?

admin answers:

Try Google Image Downloader.

Its free and lets you download up to 64 images at a time. You can add constraints like, Safe Filtering, Size, Color, Rights etc. Too!


“Google Image Downloader (GiD) allows you to download images by entering a search term. It then hits the internet and downloads the full sized images from all of the sites Google images returns. So what does this mean to you?”

There are other programs that do this but I don’t have any experience with them. GiD works well for me.

Betty asks…

What technique does the Chinese government use to make images in Google search not available?

Red crosses often show up during my searching on Google images search. These red crosses indicate image not available. Sometimes a whole search results page is full of red crosses, means 20 images are not available. I’ve heard that this is maybe due to network blockage since i’m in China. But how does the China government achieve this? What’s the technical details behind it? Lots of time my images search keywords are not in the black list, which means my keywords are not sensitive. What technique does the Chinese government use to make images in Google search not available?
It is not Google earth, it is Google images.

admin answers:

No technique really. They just send a list of areas they dont want google earth to display, and google doesnt show them.

Simple as that mate.

Sharon asks…

How to download multiple photos from google images at once?

Does anyone know how to download multiple images from the Google Images. I mean it takes so much time if you open each one and copy. Is there some method you can just get the large images by selecting their thumbnails. Is there some kind of software that really works or something?

admin answers:

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