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March 27, 2012

James asks…

Google Earth?

On google earth, when zooming in i can get good clear pictures pretty close up in some places particularly in the UK and some cities eg, new york, but i cant get a clear close up of other places around the world. Am I doing something wrong or do I need to do something to make it better? please help.
Thanks, thats a bit of a bummer as i don’t want to look at populated areas.

admin answers:

Google Earth is a “moziac” of the latest satellite images it finds on the web. Some are weeks old while the black and white, blurrier ones could be 15 years old or more.

Bottom line, you can’t fix them. As GE finds newer images, it automatically replaces the older ones.

Mary asks…

google earth?

Do you think some people are able to find lost cities using google earth imaging like i did.

admin answers:

That is an interesting question.
Sometimes I like to just head slowly out across the sea in the general direction of, say, Asia. I will just relax and watch the world slide “under” my window. Occasionally a very small island may pass beneath me. I do the same on land, crossing over desert or forest or plain until some village town or city will appear. It gives me the slight sense of being an explorer.
Now it is, I would imagine, probable that somewhere down there are numerous “lost cities” yet to be rediscovered. Whether the Google Earth images are detailed enough for this I don’t know, but it wouldn’t really surprise me to find that you did find something from various clues like foot-worn paths or lanes and the odd building foundation here or there.

Jenny asks…


I want to download Google Earth, but I don’t want my computer to get a virus. Has anyone downloaded this program and had problems with it?

admin answers:

I use it from time to time. I think you can trust Google. Always remember not to download something you did not ask for or did not search for. That is what my computer lab instructor said. Sometimes I get these weird “Your computer may be infected run a scan now” don’t run them.

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