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November 6, 2012

Mary asks…

How often does Google Earth update their pictures, and why are the graphics still just as bad?

I got Google Earth years ago, and then I recently got 5.0, but they are like exactly the same. Why does Google Earth even make new ones if they aren’t going to update the pictures or make so you can zoom in closer?

admin answers:

Hey, hey, don’t be so hard on them!
Google is one of the biggest search engines worldwide, and they have just launched their own internet browsing service, Google Chrome. And, also having Gmail and iGoogle, they seem like very busy people, and with hungry computers awaiting to feed in the updation software to all of you. Yet you want to complain??! Well, I`m sorry, but that is very un-grateful.
Updating a software, (in this case, Google Earth) is not as easy as you may think it is, you don’t suddenly notice all of the changes, and it does give you a full view of the earth, lets you search it, see your home/others houses complete with all of your garden items, such as a pond/shed. Often, updating something makes it faster, smoother to run, and easier to understand. Only when the company feel they have all this on their previous version, will they start working on how it looks, and extra features.
What I’m saying is, with Google worrying about updating their internet, browser, iGoogle, Gmail, etc., they don’t have a lot of time on their hands to meet your requirements straight away.
I think Google Earth is pretty clever and neat, so what if it isn’t perfect graphics? Do you really need those to find a location?
Google Earth was not designed for people to locate a house or school, hotel, anything they like, and compare the distances.
It is NOT meant to have 100% perfect graphics, you can see perfectly from the maximum zooming in tool, and spin around. If you don’t appreciate it, try finding a Yahoo! Version of it.

Oh, wait.
There isn’t one.
It is Google’s special feature, please appreciate that.

Joseph asks…

How does google earth have photos from space from the 40s?

In google earth 5.0 you can see areas in the 40s but how did they get those images if the first satellite didn’t launch until 1957 and the first time a satellite to took photos of earth, from space, was in 1959.

admin answers:

Many of the Historical photos are actually Aerial Photos and not Satellite images. You are correct in your questioning how they could have been satellite images from before satellites took photos from space.

Charles asks…

How can you download Google Earth Live 2012 for free to windows XP?

I would like to know how to download Google Earth Live 2012 for free to Windows XP? I’ve looked at youtube tutorials on it but it doesn’t show how to get the “live” Google Earth in real time.

admin answers:

From here

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