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August 18, 2012

James asks…

Is a presentation in Google docs good compared to Powerpoint?

I need to do a fairly large presentation and I need to know if the Google docs version of a presentation is as good as a Powerpoint presentation. I don’t have Powerpoint on my computer but I need to work on the presentation at home. I also already used up my free trial of Powerpoint, so that won’t work. Comparing Google docs presentation and Powerpoint, how are the features of each one different from the other?

admin answers:

Not that much, but it is good enough for most cases

Helen asks…

How do I send a Google Docs document to Word without messing up the formatting?

I copied and pasted a document off Word and put it on Google Docs to edit. Now that it’s complete, I need to print it. When I copy and paste the document on Google Docs and put it on Word, the formatting is all messed up. Is there an easier way to do this?

admin answers:

Don’t copy paste from Google Docs into Word,
instead go to File menu in Google Docs, from there select Download As, and from the menu that opens select Word
this way you will have a Word document on your computer with all the formatting

Jenny asks…

How do I make excel in Google docs stop rounding numbers?

I am using excel in google docs to add numbers together. When I input numbers (16.64) it rounds it to 17 so that the final sum is not correct. How do I turn this off?
When I select the individual cell in the formula bar it reads the correct number (16.64).

admin answers:

Select the whole spreadsheet, and either set the decimal to the desired setting ( ), or go into the menu bar, Click on , then , then the tab, then check “Precision as displayed.” This will allow for un-rounded answers to be displayed in your worksheet.

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