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January 31, 2013

Richard asks…

How do i get Google Chrome to remember my Email but not my password?

Okay so google chrome use to do this for facebook, hotmail, and usernames for other websites but its not doing it anymore and i dont know what i did wrong. I’ve been trying to fix it but its not working. I dont want it to remember my password but also dot want to have to type a long email everytime i wanna check facebook or my hotmail.

admin answers:

Is this your own personal computer or are you using a family computer? If it’s yours it doesn’t matter what Chrome saves. No one can see your data if it’s password protected.

If it’s not, you’re out of luck.
Make sure you delete your web history to prevent anyone from going into your accounts.

George asks…

How do you allow google chrome to open when you accidentally blocked it?

when google chrome came up a security box came up saying trust this website or block and i accidentally hit blobk..So not my internet browser, Google chrome says its unavailable and was blocked. Where do i go on my computer to allow access to it?

admin answers:

What program did you use to block the website? Is that a firewall or smth ?

Lisa asks…

How do i download google chrome from one laptop to another?

On one of my laptops I need to access the internet, but internet explorer is down on that laptop. I am trying to download google chrome or firefox or whatever on to a flash drive. I download it on to the flash drive and put it in the other laptop. Then, I put the flash drive in the other laptop and click on google chrome, but it says can’t access or something like that. Help!

admin answers:

To install Chrome you need an active internet connection, so you may make your way easier by downloading Firefox or another installer that provides the full package and try with it. Once installed, if it can’t access either, then you have to check the security features of the system.

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