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October 8, 2012

Sharon asks…

What is the google chrome keyboard shortcut to open the extension menu?

For Google Chrome, I know ctrl-J opens up the download menu.
What is the shortcut to open the extension menu?

admin answers:

Sorry this shortcut is for office use only.

Helen asks…

How to stop my google chrome from defaulting yahoo search everytime I shut down?

I really like using google, but every time I shut down, even though I change the default, and even remove the option of Yahoo!, I still end up getting yahoo search defaulted the next time I go onto google chrome. Please help?

admin answers:

Try reinstall back the browser. Then you go to wrench icon at the top right of the browser. Then choose option. There at basics tab you can see homepage. You can change which website do you want to go if you open your browser or use the new tab page.

Type this on google omnibox => chrome://settings/browser

Jenny asks…

How to put google chrome in the Process list of cheat engine?

I dont know how. I clicked the process list and explorer.exe, services.exe only shows up .theres no chrome. But my google chrome is opened. How will I put the chrome in the process list cause it wont show up ?

admin answers:

See if you can find it in the Window List

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