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May 29, 2012

Mary asks…

Google chrome !!!!!!!!!!!?

hey guys can u tell me how is the performance of Google chrome by comparing to Mozilla Firefox… Because am using Mozilla Firefox as internet browser because it maximum helps us to prevent for spywares & virus’s etc… And plz suggest me shall i download & starting Google chrome or shall i continue with Mozilla Firefox only.. Mainly i want to know will Google chrome helps us from preventing virus etc like Mozilla Firefox.. plz suggest me which will be good by comparing Mozilla & Google chrome mainly am stressing on virus’s & spywares topic.. tell me which one will be good plz………..

admin answers:

I started using google chrome because i had a virus & my internet explorer shut out constantly. Google chrome never shuts out & if anything happens: laptop dies, shuts off without notice, etc; google chrome recovers all websites, tabs & windows you had open. Saves passwords if desired.

I dont know anything about firefox but i just love google chrome & now its all i use.

Susan asks…

How come my google chrome will not allow me to access a particular website?

I decided to use Google Chrome intead of IE9, but Chrome will not allow me to access one of my business websites I need. Any suggestions why it will not go to that website?

admin answers:

Its a difference of how Google Chrome and IE are designed and view websites. IE doesn’t follow accepted protocol sometimes. Http://

Carol asks…

How can i get Google Chrome to just play online videos and not download them?

Hi,im just wondering is there any way to get google chrome to just play a selected video without downloading it.I recently swapped to chrome from internet explorer which would always just play a video and not download them too,any advice is much appreciated.

admin answers:

Sorry but what are you taking about? Every single piece of information you receive from the internet is downloaded.

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