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January 28, 2013

Ruth asks…

How do I delete recurring events from Google calendar that I had imported from Yahoo Calendar by synching ?

Each recurring event in my Google calendar as a unique Event, but the event re-occurs at the original designated times forever.

admin answers:

Click on the entry, then delete, then All Events in Series


Charles asks…

How to turn off the default alarm on google calendar?

When I set an event in google calendar, the default for alarm is on. Since there are many events in my calendar each day, the alarm feature becomes an annoyance. However, each time when I set an event, I have to go and turn off the alarm, it also is an annoyance. Do you know of a way that I can enter an event without setting off the alarm? TIA!
There is no where under settings to set the alarm off.

admin answers:

Go to google account settings

then fix it

Michael asks…

Is there a way i can sync my exsisting iphone calendar with my new google calendar account?

I know I can sync my new dates from my google calendar to my iphone, but can i sync my old ones with google calendar that’s already on my iphone?

admin answers:

It should work. Plugin the iPhone, in iTunes go to iPhone > Info > turn on Sync iCal Calendars and disable the option to not sync older events.

The google calendar account needs to be configured in iCal too.

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