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October 24, 2012

John asks…

How do I sync my Google Calendar to Meeting Maker?

I want to have all my events on my google calendar synced with Meeting maker. How is this done? I tried exporting an iCal from my google calendar into meeting maker, and it worked great, but how do I update any changes on Google Calendar?? I tried importing a new iCal but it just duplicated all the previous events already there when it added the new changes or new events.
I want my events to go from Google to Meeting Maker, NOT Meeting Maker to Google.

admin answers:

This is not a very good solution but:

Maria asks…

Can I make a Google calendar public to people without a Google account?

I have created a calendar for fellow officers on a youth board, but not all of them have Google accounts. Is there a way for those without Google accounts to access the calendar?

admin answers:

I believe so. Just change the privacy settings and use the calendar widget to publish it to a website or something.

Susan asks…

What suggestions do you have for using google calendar for homework?

Im trying to utilize my Google Calendar more for my college classes. I’ve been suggested to track in it my chunks of time to manage when to study.. But I quite don’t understand ways to do that. @_@ Does that make sense? In general, I’m looking for open opinions/suggestions for ways to incorporate homework and study time into my schedule.

admin answers:

A Google calendar does not seem that useful.

I myself would use Excel.
If you do not have Excel then use open-office.
Free at

Excel is easy to learn and a very important part of every business.

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