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August 27, 2012

John asks…

How do you sync a shared google calendar in outlook?

My wife and I are both using google calendar. When she enters things on her calendar, which she has shared with me, I see them when I’m online on my google calendar, however when I open my outlook I only see my events. Is there a way in outlook to see her events as well?

admin answers:

Try this link below for information and details

Sharon asks…

How to get my iPhone calendar to sync with my Google calendar on my PC?

I’ve been using the calendar that comes standard on the iPhone 3G and would like to be able to sync it with the Google calendar I have on my PC (I have a desktop PC running Windows 7 64-bit). Is it possible to do this? I’d like to have the events on my iPhone calendar show up on my PC calendar and vice versa. Please let me know! Thanks in advance!

admin answers:

Check out Google Sync. It lets you sync your iPhone to your Google calendar (as long as your iPhone software is version 3.0 or later). You can get all the details + screen captures of how to do it on your iPhone at

Good luck!

Ruth asks…

How can I sync Microsoft Outlook calendar’s over the internet without using google?

I have a small office, and two satellite offices. We all use Microsoft Outlook 2010, and we want to have the calendars sync with each other. We use Google Calendar right now, but the sync is very unreliable. We are willing to pay for this service, but do not want to spend thousands of dollars. Are there any reasonable services that allow us to sync calendars over the internet?

admin answers:

Office 365 is still beta as far as I know and it’s a complicated and complex office cloud service based on Office, Exchange and Sharepoint. Don’t you think that it’s a bit to much for sharing just Outlook calendars over the internet?

Have you tried using NetCalendars? It’s a freeware. You can get it from here:


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