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August 31, 2012

Carol asks…

What android phones is google maps with navigation available?

I just got a motorola cliq and have seen articles all over advertising the new update to google maps allowing navigation but when i go to google mobile it says to access the android market through my phone and download the latest google maps but when i do that google maps does not appear in the market. Is this becuase i am not on the Droid or is there some other problem that is not allowing me to find this new update?

admin answers:

The new phone google just released will be great for it

Michael asks…

How to fix google human check when sharing only one internet line with many user in an office?

Please help me how to solve this problem. I find that when using Google with many users in an office, google blocks us. I can’t use Google search anything now. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

admin answers:

Be honest with you, I never heard Google blocks people. Sharing one internet line and user Google is totally not related. If all computers in the office can’t use Google, check your router setting or consulate your ISP (Internet Service Provider). If only you can’t use Google. Try to clear your browser history and check you firewall, or spyware software setting, or just talk to your network administrator if you have any in your office. He blocked your access to Google?

Sandra asks…

Is Google’s announcement it will stop censoring the internet in China and possibly pull out a marketing ploy?

Or do you think Google has good intentions or a bit of both?

Keep in mind, Google does not make much money in China and this kind of publicity will probably increase revenue better than regular Chinese annual revenues for the company.

admin answers:

Google has to censor the internet in America now.

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