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May 27, 2013

Carol asks…

Do you think teenagers who are young and don’t look their age…?

Is bad?
My mom keeps injecting the fact that it is.
Teenagers should ‘look’ older but i don’t think so. What’s wrong with a baby face?
(Maybe i should apologise to her for not having size E boobs and a butt size of that even possible?)

admin answers:

As you grow older you will realize how nice it is to have a youthful look.

Life is VERY long and you are only young once . You could live to be 115 yrs old right now.
Live it up, play with barbies, and gossip about boys.
That is what youth is about

Sandy asks…

Do you think the woman who pranked the young lady into suicide deserves prison?

I personally do not think so. I think that if all people would get prison for harassment leading to suicide there would be a lot of people in prison.
Yes, It is the myspace case.
The story is that a woman said something along the lines of the world will be better off without you to a minor girl and she commited suicide. As for you person who said I deserve prison for writing this..Your an imbecile.

admin answers:

Although it is abhorrable that she would say something to anyone, ultimately it was the girl who took her own life.
She had a choice.
And I agree that most people who kill themselves do so as they are being bullied by others who put them down and make them feel worthless.
The girl should’ve ignored her. It was just that one woman’s opinion. The girl should’ve told her parents. Also, if she killed herself over one person saying that once, she was probably on the verge of doing something drastic anyway.

What this women did is morally disgusting but their is, unfortunately, no law against putting someone down unless you do it repeatably.
Did the girl say that this woman said that to her in a suicide note or something?

Donna asks…

This question is for anyone who has young children or someone who is a teacher?

If two three or four year old boys were given certain props such as stuffed animals, a toy stethescope and a toy thermometer and told to pretend that they were veterinarians. What do u think they would do during this pretend play?

admin answers:

They would probably pretend to take its temperature, act like they were listening to its heart, look in its mouth and tears. They may come up with a story as to why it had a “broken leg” and needed bandages, etc.

If you are trying to find a difference between boys and girls at this age you wont find a whole lot yet…well at least when it comes to being a vet. They are just discovering gender roles and what is encouraged by society (parents, friends, family, TV, etc.)

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