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April 29, 2013

Robert asks…

If McCain had been ten year younger who do you think would have won the election?

I think his age went badly against him which is a shame but very understandable.
He could have been a great President that there is not doubt in my mind.
Obama could be a great President as well although I am personally not as convinced. However the question is, was McCain’s age the determining factor for many people?
matty why have you got a picture of Jock stein if you’re an American?

admin answers:

I take it you live in the United States of America?
Welcome a board buddy pal, now kindly make use of your military status and demand the welfare system’s corruption to officially dissolve.


Mandy asks…

So why do people think this about people who marry young?

Im 19 and so is my husband, we have been married since November so around 5 months. anyways. EVERYDAY i hear people saying Im too young to be married and all this but we have been together for 4 years and love each other and we are each others best friends. We are both pretty laid back. SO why do people insist on saying were selfish for getting married at 19? and childish? I personally think that you have to be more mature to get married young because it takes a lot to keep it going and happy. We do a great job at it! and how is it selfish if we are giving up our teen lives to be with each other for the rest of our lives? that makes no sense. I deal with people saying that were so young and too young to get married but when people call me selfish it makes me mad because Im not and neither is he. We love each other and want to be married! is it because people are jealous? or just because they have nothing better to say? I want to hear from people who call me selfish and childish and I want to hear why you think that. if you’re going to call me something like that the least you can do is explain yourself. thanks everyone!

Im open for explaining things and for people to disagree just try to do it in a nice way please! you don’t have to disagree and be rude about it! thanks!
oh and this ALWAYS gets thrown into the conversation even though I said nothing about it. but I do work. 5 days a week and he works a lot. just throwing that out there since people like to tell me to get a job.
I have a lot of family members who got married at 18 and 19 who are my inspiration. neither of our parents staid together so we know its hard work. my aunt and uncle are my role models they have been together since 18 and are now both 56 and still have an amazing marriage! and so do lots of other people I know which is why i believe it will work.
ok. ill write back at 25 years old to tell you all im still married. I know for a fact we will still be married by then. thats only 5 and a half years away. We got this. If you guys saw us you would know how perfectwe are for eachother. and I know that we will be together forever. Were just here to prove everyone wrong I guess and thats what were doin =)
I say no one understands because people are telling me it dedinitely wont last and blah blah blah when they should be saying good luck and it will work out. why bring a relationship down when its doing great? im not being selfish at all youre taking something that I said and turning it around to sound selfish which is exactly what everyone does.
“what” I agree with and LOVE your answer! Im glad someone knows where im coming from and has been through the same thing! =)

admin answers:

My wife and I were 19 and 22 when we got married. It will be 19 years in July and I think the people who tried to hold us back were the selfish ones. The 19 years we’ve been married have been incredible and I love here much more now than the day we married.

When we were your age people said wait till you get older…. Now that we’re older people say that times are different now. I think people use young age as a crutch to blame marital problems on more than they actually attirbute to the problem. Of course it is always possible my wife was the perfect woman and no one else would have worked out so good. Either way my only regret is we weren’t married sooner so we could be together more. I wouldn’t trade a second with her away.

My only advice to you is to remember marriage is a one way street expect to give everything and get nothing in return. Don’t get caught in the “If I do for him then he’ll do for me trap”.

Sharon asks…

POLL: what do you think about adults who love young children?

when a man/man or a woman/woman love eachother a lot of people consider that wrong or immoral.
they think it’s a choice and that they do it for attention.

(personally, i’m for gay rights & i don’t believe it’s a choice- you were born that way)

but what happens when it comes to adults loving children.
aka pedofiles.
i was watching a tv show and the story line was a grown man that loved little kids (aroung age 7). he was saying he was born that way.

could it be true? i mean it’s innapropriate, but why would they do it if they got SO much hate for it?
maybe they didn’t CHOOSE to be this way. it’s just the way their brain is wired.

could it be considered appropriate if a grown man has feelings for little kids, but doesn’t act on it therefore it’s not illegal. he knows it’s wrong and considered illegal, but he can’t help the way he feels. so in order to avoid trouble he doesn’t act upon it.

pretty much everyone considered adults that love young children distgusting but what it they can’t control it. it’s not their choice.
a gay man will fight for his right to marry his partner and love him – he was born that way and why should he not be able to kiss his partner in public w/o getting hate.
but can the same thing happen for a man who loves kids?

like do you get where i’m coming from?
i’m probably confusing everyone and i’m kind of ranting right now but yeah..
tell me your thoughts.

admin answers:

I get where you’re coming from, I do believe they are born that way but I don’t think they should act on it because it is wrong, maybe therapy could help I don’t know. What was this show called? I think I saw commercials about this a little ago on tlc?

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