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March 23, 2013

Daniel asks…

What do you think causes a young man’s pride in his country and “dieing with honor for his country”?

I think that young men are manipulated with propaganda and many ways to think that they should fight for their country. I think that it is the government and their paid officials who make young men feel worthless and feminine if they resist to fight. What do you think?

admin answers:

Yes. It’s called inculcation. If you live in the US, as a schoolkid you stand and recite something every morning, called Oath of Allegiance or something like that. Parents have already been inculcated (programmed), so no problem there. So have the teachers and other influential persons in a child’s life, so no problem there. And the media just piles it on in newspapers, books, mags, TV shows, movies, and more recently in computer games. The kid is fooked from day one. Few have the intelligence to notice it and fewer still the courage to stand against it. If you’re one of the rare exceptions, then please accept my congratulations and my hope that if you find you can do nothing else, you at least raise your own children to be aware of the assault on their minds.

Steven asks…

for those who tell young teens to wait till they’re older…?

I agree with you about young unmarried people to wait to have sex. So when they put their young age, and want advice on how to have sex, i usually tell them so. But what do you think about these kids who want to know how to pleasure themselves. Do you think that this is wrong for them to do as well? Do you think that i am wrong to answer them? Where is this opinion founded? i.e. religion, personal opinion, etc.

admin answers:

Personally? I would rather give a young teen advice to pleasure themselves. It is safer for them and besides, it’s theirs, they should be allowed to play with it if they want to. My opinion is founded from personal experience. I was very young when I started having sex. I wish I had pleasured myself and stayed away from men till I was much older.

Richard asks…

Why judge those who marry young?!?!?!?!?

Well a little about myself, Im 21 born and raised in Southern California I have been with my now husband since I was 14. We got married when I was 18 and he was 21. People ask all the time “why marry so young, why not live life first?” and this is what I tell them. I married my husband because for one he is my up most best friend, my other half, my soul mate, he respects me, puts me first and he’s just the love of my life. And why didn’t I wait and live life? Well that depends on what you call living life…for some that means partying, going to clubs, dating some people, hanging out with friends….but for people like myself living life is, finding my soul mate, being a wife, a mother and just enjoying my family. Don’t get me wrong I dated…MY husband then boyfriend…and we both partied as teens, but we got that out of our systems and we are over that scene. Who is to say we cant “live life” together? My life didnt end just cause I got married, we just began a life together.We had a great time celebrating for my 21st birthday, I ordered my first alcoholic beverage but barely drank it, it was great LOL but we are over that now, we want to start our family. I just don’t think there is anything wrong with that at all. People are constantly dating multiple people just trying to find what Im blessed to have in my partner, so why let him go?? I would just like to hear your opinions on the matter…
Add: Redhead thank you for your opinion and for answering my post. It is hard for some to understand that I dont need to experience another man to know what love, loyalty and respect is. Ive seen my girlfriends go through enough with there loser boyfriends, and everyone I know is looking for what I have, which tells me in itself I have a reat thing. But thanks again.
Add: Thank you for all the answers I respect everyones opinion.
I think someone misunderstood, Im very secure in my marriage and Im not defensive at all. I just saw another post bashing young marriages and wanted to here other opinions.
Ghosia: Great response! I couldnt have put it better myself!~
I just wanted to add We are in college and work full time as an accountant so we have education and careers
Its easy to misinterperate emotions through typing but no im not angry at all and i do respect others opinions, so thank you everyone for answering~
Whitch: Well the point of yahoo answers is to bring up discussions and see others thoughts. Im bored @ work so thats what im doing, there is nothing wrong with starting a discussion and getting people thinking. But thanks for your input.

admin answers:

I think it’s because what you have is so rare. So many people’s relationships would have fizzled out by now, leaving both partners wishing they had dated other people and explored more options. I think what you have is wonderful!

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