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November 27, 2013

Susan asks…

Is the tradition that the youngest daughter cannot marry a true one?

Is the tradition presented in ‘Like Water For Chocolate’ a real tradition in Mexico? The tradition states that youngest daughter cannot marry and must stay home and take care of her mother.

admin answers:

I am a Pinay, and your question has sumthin to do with our tradition, According to the old folks as what i used to hear bout it, its true. Once your older brother had go through with a lot of relationships, girls cried for his playing, then the karma will be pass to the youngest girl sibling, the youngest girl will pay for what his brother mischief, she is the ones gonna suffer, that she will not find better relationship.

Paul asks…

How come most adults think that a young teen can’t be ‘in love’?

My mother and a lot of other adults like my friend’s parents, all think that young teens can’t like actually ‘love’ someone or be ‘in love’. I was wondering if anyone knew why they say that? Thankkks
& i’ve asked this question because i’ve been dating my boyfriend for 8 months now and my mother still doesn’t even approve.

admin answers:

Remember back in grade school when you learned the multiplication table and thought it was one of the toughest things ever?

Now, you’re doing algebra, geometry and maybe even trigonometry, and when a younger sibling or cousin talks about how 9 x 7 is hard you kinda laugh inside and say to yourself “they don’t know what hard is” ?

Love for a 16 year old and Love for an adult over 30 is even further apart than you and that child trying to finger count her way to 63.

John asks…

Young boys who is being raised by single mother is much more likely to be feminists once they grow up?

Don’t mean to generalize, but I’m just currious..

Do you believe that young boys who is being raised by single mother is much more likely to be brain-washed by feminism once they grow up?

admin answers:

What if the single mother isn’t a feminist, but simply a woman trying to find her way to raise her son properly?

In other words – no. No one is brain-washing them. I would think it would help those young boys learn to respect women when they grow up.

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