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May 30, 2013

Robert asks…

Why do people who have heart attacks often change? Does tooth paste really affect your heart?

I was just wondering because my grandpa had a heart attack and he talks a LOT now almost without stopping–and he doesn’t realize it.
My sister who is going to be a nurse said that tooth paste can be bad for your heart. Is that really true? Why?

admin answers:

I wouldn’t be surprised, one bit!! Try to get the book “Fit For Life”, because in this book it talks about how toothpaste has fluoride in it, and it contain’s sugar, and in the book it talks about brushing without toothpaste, to just use water instead, and to use a breath mint for fresher breathe if need be, instead of the toothpaste’s breathe freshener……. I’ve never read the book myself, but my whole family has and they’ve all told me different things in it, that are so beneficial to everyday living longer tips…… You might want to go and purchase this book, or rent it from a book store…… It sounds to me like your grandpa has what mine did, “Alzheimer’s” ….. My grandpa, used to be a Professional boxing trainer, and he loved to watch tv.. Well, when he got put in the home, it was just a couple of blocks away from where he used to own his own home, and from the Gym, where he used to train his boxer’s, right, well sometimes Grandpa would pull a “Disappearing Act” on them, and they’d call the family, and all my dad’s brother’s and dad knew right where to find him at….He’d be at the “Gym” watching all the new trainer’s training their guys, and trying to give them tips, and being a “Nuisance” to the New trainer’s, I guess, but not to us!! And family would go and get him, and bring him around to see all of us, and at that time I had a little “Red TV.” And my Granpa, goes, Christy, you have a Glove, that’s so nice” he called my tv, a glove because his two favorite pass-times were boxing training with the “Red Gloves” on, and watching TV…… So here I had both, the red, and the tv, so he identified it with both, I guess. There’s so many things I wish I’d of asked my grandpa before he passed away, in 1983, on my wedding night to my first husband…… Like how to sing the old German songs, and how to speak the language, as he did, and what part of Germany were his parent’s from and did they leave because of the whole “Nazi thing” you know… Take advantage of his being around and to help him with his memory by asking him things you wish later you had, you know….. I’m so sorry to hear about your Grandfather’s condition, hun!! My Best Regards to you and your Family!!

Ruth asks…

Serious Question for those who merge heart and head: NONVIOLENT OFFENDERS.?

I am a minister in an inner city. The neighborhood in which I minister is very violent and the entire downtown section is mostly responsible for the rising crime/murder rate. Moreover, I am having a difficult developing collaborative support structures that can fully rehabilitate non-violent offenders (FELONS) to a normal life.

These are men have not held anyone at gun point nor have they had a history of any violent acts. They may be guilty of shoplifting, credit card fraud, the purchasing of marijuana and etc. The only work that is available for these men are Labor Ready jobs (jobs in which a 1000 men wake up at 4 a.m. to fill ten slots to build a house, clean a parking lot and etc) or seasonal work such as painting. (Some who are fighting for these jobs have earned degrees). One young man (25 yrs old) violated parole status because he could not find work to pay his child support.

The tragedy here is that these are able bodied men who are capable of work, who have a potential to make some contribution back to society but will probably end up back in behind bars because SALING DRUGS IS THE ONLY REALISTIC STRATEGY TO EARN WAGES. Many people who are in positions of authority to hire or make laws do not really understand the nature of my work and do not understand that nature of this (catch 22 dilemma). It is hard to understand the other side of the tracks if you haven’t been there.


You are with a group of other community leaders, what strategy would you propose can fix this problem? Remember, you have to present your case to middle class stakeholders who are either indifferent or do not understand the issue from the bottom-side up. (I guess I am exploring discussing the tax liability of making the prison a revolving door due to the lack of social support out of prison) YOUR THOUGHTS PLEASE!

That approach is very costly. Creating a prison system that becomes a revolving door is alot more expensive than restoration. Furthermore, your position is not consistent with the message of Christ. I do not think that their is any sanity in locking someone up and throwing away the key for shoplifting!

admin answers:

Andre, have you heard of Delancey Street Foundation? It is a most incredible organization started by Dr. Mimi Silbert and her partner, John Maher, an ex-felon and recovering drug addict (he is now deceased). Delancey Street Foundation is located in San Francisco, California. Delancey Street began in 1971 with $1,000, four residents and a dream. It has grown over the years and has helped thousands of men and women turn their lives around. They didn’t wait for employers to give them jobs, they made their own jobs, starting with a moving company and a pick up truck. Mimi Silbert and John Maher thought outside the box. I encourage you to think outside the box, too. Please google Delancey Street Foundation and begin to learn how you can effectively help those coming from incarceration to maintain a productive crime free life. From their humble beginnings, Delancey Street has expanded to other states and has built a 30 million dollar, 400,000 square foot complex, with luxury apartments and restaurants, stores, and businesses….all run by former felons who are now responsible citizens.

I suggest contacting Delancey Street Foundation and visiting them. If your community is really committed to making a difference in the lives of men and women coming out of prison, modeling Delancey Street Foundation or bringing a chapter to your city would be worth it. Good luck to you and God Bless.

James asks…

Iverhart Max or heartguard for my 2 year old lab who has heart worms?

I found out that Jade, my female black lab who weighs 70lbs has heart worms. of what I have been reading, the dog is not to be very active after you start giving her the worm meds. she is a very hyper dog and loves to play and run. I am scared if I give her the medicin it will kill her.

admin answers:

Follow your vet’s advice to the letter. Give her the meds the vet tells you to when they tell you to give it. If you don’t she absolutely WILL die. Heart worms are 100% fatal if not treated.

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