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October 30, 2013

Paul asks…

What does a heart with a lock or a key represent?

What do you think when you see a heart and there’s thousands of keys around that heart but inside that heart there’s a key in it, what exactly do you think that means when you see that?

admin answers:

It means that the person is an emotional person on the inside but shields it from the world.

Donald asks…

What Are The Chances Of Surviving A Heart Failure?

my uncle had suffered a heart failure, and he’s in the hospital fresh out of surgery. after this i went online to check out information of heart failures and such. and i have seen some yahoo answer users saying that heart failures = death. and they said that he was better off with a heart attack. im just curious. thanks

ps. happy holloween! 1 day late i know.

admin answers:

Hi James,

Heart failure (cardiac failure) just means that the heart is unable to pump enough blood to the organs of the body. It can be due to many diseases eg MI (heart attack), extremely high bp over a long time, valve disease (eg aortic stenosis, narrowing of the aortic valve), diphtheria, etc. Etc.

It depends how bad it is as to what will happen, and the cause. It can lead to death, but most patients live for several years on medication.

Hope this helps. For more info, IM.

Donna asks…

Do you believe that heart and teamwork can beat talent?

I do.

Look at the Golden State Warriors! I firmly believe that talent is nothing in any situation if you dont have the heart (the fire, like Rudy Ruettiger ) and teamwork. This applies to anything in life. You see this even in nature. Ants bring down larger, stronger insects with heart and teamwork.

I guess I just love the underdog.

Do you believe that heart and teamwork can beat talent?

admin answers:

I do. I think the chemistry that teamwork can bring will prove formidable because there is brotherhood. They will bleed from the same veins. The heart will be the fire…the engine that drives the body to be at its maximum and beyond. Now as long as talent is not too overwhelming….teamwork and heart will always prevail.

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