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March 28, 2013

Betty asks…

How much to put on a 21st bar tab?

Okay, so I know that at a 21st an open bar (of sorts) is pretty much expected, however, I do not want myself or my parents to be stuck with a massive tab at the end of the night. I will be inviting about 90 people on the night – half is made up of my family, my boyfriends family (who are mid-20′s and older) and family friends (who are also mid-20′s and older), while the other half is friends who are around my age.

We are providing house beer, wine and champagne, soft drink and orange juice on the bar tab. The party will run for about 5 hours (don’t forget to take into account that a lot of people don’t rock up until half and hour/an hour into an event). Do you think $1500 going to be enough for a bar tab on the night?

admin answers:

I would consider about $3 – 4,000 for alcohol as these people are all going to be S*** Faced drunk, as long as the liquor is free, they will drink.

William asks…

What is generally considered the most influential album for your favorite sub-genre of rock?

Feel free to name sub-sub-sub-genres just to make it easier on yourself. Like if you just say metal, it’s gonna be really hard to pick a single album, but if you say Progressive Metalcore, then you have a lot less to choose from and it’s pretty easy to say “alright Colors by Between the Buried and Me is probably the best choice for this.” (and it is.) So yeah, be specific to make it easier.

For me, I’d say the most influential Indie Rock album is probably In the Aeroplane Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel. MAYBE Funeral by Arcade Fire but that’s still relatively new so it’s influence can’t be fully judged. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea impacted Indie Rock HUGELY. Specifically with the lyrics. So many Indie Rock lyricists write with extremely cryptic lyrics now just because Jeff Magnum did it and made it look so good.

BQ: Answer this or else.;_ylt=AkkjajDOnupUGJMYaFDszDPx5nNG;_ylv=3?qid=20100705180525AAN47bV

BQ2: Our power went out while I was typing this. I was mad. It came on about 10 minutes later and I opened up Google Chrome which then proceeded to ask me if I wanted to restore the pages it was on since it didn’t shut down correctly. It restored this tab with every single character I had typed intact. Isn’t Chrome the best browser?

admin answers:

–’The Complete recordings of Robert Johnson’ – Blues

Without this album, (which was released originally as two successive collections, one in the 60′s and the other in the 70′s) the british invasion would not have been what it was and Rock and Roll would not exist in it’s current form at all…plain and simple.

–The Beach Boys – ‘Pet Sounds’ – 60′s Pop Rock

Without a doubt, one of the greatest albums ever made and one of my favorites. This albums was the band’s response to the Beatles’ ‘Rubber Soul’ and it became the album the Beatles responded to specifically with ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’. Brian Wilson’s genius laid to track with Phil Spector’s famous Wall of Sound made this album the harmonic masterpiece it is.

–Brian Eno – ‘Here Come The Warm Jets’ – Post Glam Rock

The exact nature of this album is hard to pin down. I like to think of it as being an ‘in-between’. It’s unique brilliance makes it too fluid and precious to label as any one thing and Post Glam Rock even seems like a misnomer. After his split with Roxy Music, Eno began a stunning solo career as both artist and producer with this album. He would go on to produce for many bands including, notably, The Talking Heads, Devo and Coldplay (‘Viva La Vida’). It’s one of my absolute favorites….trust me on this one.

–The New York Dolls – ‘The New York Dolls’ – Post Glam Pre Punk

This band crawled out of nowhere in the early 70′s, predating the CBGB era of the late 70′s, to produce as pure a punk album as you’ll find. Any fan of Punk owes this band and this album everything. Without it, much of what the movement became would not have been at all.

–’Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965 – 1968′ – Garage Rock

Another reason for Punk fans to rejoice. Lenny Kaye, future Patti Smith Group guitarist put this beautiful compilation together in the early 70′s and it’s affect on the musical landscape is notable. Punk began, contrary to popular belief, long before CBGB’s and bands like ‘The Ramones’, ‘The Clash’ or ‘The Sex Pistols’. Punk is an attitude and an aesthetic more than anything else and the first detectable whiff of it’s scent came in the mid-sixties as millions of American youth picked up instruments, had maybe a week’s worth of lessons and hammered out one or two magnificent singles before sputtering into obscurity. Sure, there were a few exceptions that held tightly onto modest longevity like ‘The Standells’, ‘The Chocolate Watchband’, ‘The Seeds’, ‘The Shadows of Knight’ and so on, but for the most part, each had it’s one shot at 15 minutes. And they had attitude. This music is dripping with it. The artists and musicians that made Punk what it became, worshiped the approach and simplicity of Garage. It’s no wonder that this album was the only compilation to make it onto Rolling Stone Magazine’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list.

–The Velvet Underground – ‘The Velvet Underground & Nico’, ‘White Light/White Heat’, ‘The Velvet Underground’, ‘Loaded’ – Nihilistic Rock & Roll

It has been said that anyone who purchased an album by The Velvet Underground in its time either started a band, played in one, produced an album or became involved in music in some way. The band’s influence on the course of musical history cannot be understated…so I listed their entire official discography. I’ll warn you ahead of time, ‘White Light/White Heat’ is their most experimental album and can be hard on the ears for many, but ‘Sister Ray’ is 17 plus minutes of beauty. You can’t go wrong with the other three. ‘Loaded’ is one of my absolute favorite albums and ‘Sweet Jane’…my favorite song of theirs, let alone one of my favorites, period.

–The Kills – ‘No Wow’ – Other than Progressive Indie, I have idea what to call this.

I bought this album on vinyl for a modest $12.00 at a record store in Orlando back in college upon recognizing it from an article on The Coachella Festival in 2005. When I got home, I turned on the tv to watch the Bears game….It was a Sunday. I turned off the sound on the tv, cranked my speakers and dropped the needle, ironically, on side two (apparently, I can’t read), but none the less…..I didn’t move for a minute or so. I was utterly stunned by what I heard and to this day, I have to listen to the album that same way, side 2 first. There’s no telling what if any affect this album up from the muck and primordial sludge will have on music down the road, but it sure hit me like a kick to the teeth. Incidentally, Allison Mosshart of The Deadweather was prior the lead singer of The Kills.

BQ: Sorry, not a fan of those guys.

BQ2: Not in a position to comment

John asks…

i need a rock/alternative song that is somewhat new and one that i can play on an acoustic guitar.?

i am trying to learn more songs for my acoustic guitar… i have been playing for about 5 years now and i need a new song… something up beat and fun to play would be great… and could u please send me a link to the tabs or a music video? thnx

admin answers:

The entire Acoustic album by Bayside should tickle your fancy. It isn’t super new, but it isn’t very old either. I think it’s from 2005.

As for the tabs, you could try websites such as,,, etc.

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