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November 22, 2013

Nancy asks…

Who does the rock song that has the lyrics Fred Bear?

Heard it on rock station, other lyrics are about being out in the wild. Might be Red Bear instead of Fred Bear.

admin answers:

Ted Nugent. You know Google has a search function, right?

Hope I helped.

Laura asks…

What is the difference between pop and rock music?

I dont really know how to tell the difference… there are some songs that seem like rock and are actually pop and vice versa. So how do you tell the difference?

admin answers:

Rock: Usually has a 4/4 beat (not required, but it usually has one) Usually consists of a musician lineup of electric guitar(s), electric bass, drums, and often keyboards. Emphasis is placed on a group, rather than a solo musician. Frequently (not always) the performer writes his/her own material. Older rock bears influence of blues and country music.

Pop: Often has a 4/4 beat too, but is more likely to either be faster or slower. Generally (not always) oriented towards single performers, not groups. Material is often written by a professional songwriter, and the producer often has the biggest influence in the finished record. Pop incorporates musical ideas from whatever is popular at the moment, so pop throughout the years has undergone many stylistic changes.

Modern pop has had an emphasis on a danceable beat and a de-emphasis on the lyrics.

Often a “rock” song is called a “pop” song, due to a softer beat or sunny arrangement or huge mass appeal. One could consider all Western music designed to sell in large numbers as pop music, and rock a subgenre of pop. Or, rock and pop could be considered wholly separate genres.

Chris asks…

How do i find this certain christian song?

All I know are bits and pieces of the song. Im lookig for a website were i could type in some of the lyrics to see if they could pull it up. Having a hard time finding a christian song website that isnt rock songs. Its not a christian rock song. Just a simple song.

admin answers:

If you know a line of the lyrics, you can type it onto google, and something should come up. This is what i did when I had to identify over 100 songs that i got from a friend. Google has everything.

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