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September 29, 2013

Sandra asks…

what do you call those rocks that you split open with a hammer and gemstones are in the middle?

what do you call those rocks that you split open with a hammer and gemstones are in the middle?

It was an oval/sphere shaped rock that gemstone places would usually sell for 5 bucks or so..
And you split it open and there are tiny gemstone clusters in the middle! Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

admin answers:

They are gemstones, they’re just crystals. The name of the rock is “Geode”.

Robert asks…

How To Get That Rock Chick Look?

How do i get that rock chick look without looking all emo or goth. Need ideas on what type of hairstyles to do , jewellery, colours to wear etc.

admin answers:

You need to decide the type of hair you have and from there you can choose a hairstyle. Most “rock star” looks will have an edgier hairstyle such as: choppy, teased, messy waves, super short crop, etc. Talk with your stylist and she/he will be able to give you a cut that fits your hair and face shape. Go through pictures in magazines and bring them in. Your stylist will also suggest different ways to texterize your hair.
Now that you have the hair you need some edgier clothes. Usually something bold like a top with some metallic in it paired with some skinny jeans and boots would give you a classic rock look. Also the baby tees with your favorite band or saying on it would be a rocker look too. Just think edgier and bold compared to what you already wear.
The makeup needs to be on the dramatic side. Black eyeliner or a soft black liquid liner would make those eyes bold. Try some eye-shadows in the grey/silver or violet palettes. Sweep your eyelashes with a couple of coats of black mascara, or try blue or violet for something different.
Jewelry should be a statement. Try a thicker chain necklace with a large pendant and some sparkly earring studs. If you like rings then try some rings that have bigger jewels.
And last but not least is your attitude. In order to rock the look you need to have the bad girl attitude.

John asks…

Do you think that newer rock music will bring out a movement against pop and hip hop music?

Do you think that rock music could bring out a “real music” movement against “fake” music, like techno-pop, dubstep, and hip-hop? And do you think rock could take back the top of the charts?

admin answers:

I’m sure rock will make a mainstream “comeback” at some point. Though note there’s still plenty of rock, some mainstream… And even in eras past – including the ’70s through ’90s – “pop” generally outperformed rock on the charts (look at any archived Billboard chart from those years). It hasn’t really dominated the charts since the ’60s.

That said, I doubt it will be an outdated hard rock style that a lot of “rock” fans are looking for. Rock is (thankfully) mutable and evolves – sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Still, when rock first took off in the ’50s and ’60s, it was a new, exciting style. Wanting to go back to some nostalgic idea of what rock was in the ’70s (or whenever) is counterproductive to the very spirit of rock & roll. It has to move forward, otherwise it just becomes, I don’t know… Jazz. What if Jimi Hendrix tried to sound like The Billy Murray Orchestra? He wouldn’t have been exciting or the legend he is now.

So yeah, I’m sure it will make a mainstream comeback, but it won’t sound anything like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, or Nirvana. Also, most of the new/exciting/experimental music being made right now is from pop (especially art-pop) artists: Jonsi (who’s also the frontman of Sigur Ros), Laleh, Oh Land, etc… I imagine the next stage in rock will borrow a lot from that.

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