Your Questions About Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

November 24, 2011

Sharon asks…

Can you give me some REALLY good eye exercises that improve your vision?

I have heard of and I am using palming and the exercise where you focus on a short distance object, then a long distance object. I have heard of the Bates method but it is really confusing and I doubt “having a colour day” will help. Are there, perhaps, any methods that improves eye vision? I am able to do the exercises 5-10 minutes so it doesn’t matter how long I’d have to do it as long as it isn’t too long or anything. Oh yeah, I am eleven and have really bad vision (I got it from reading, apparently), and I can’t see far away things that well, they are blurry and it is kind of embarrassing to ask how long would it take to get from a 5(not sure what 5 maybe +5) to normal vision. Not particularly 20/20 just enough so I can see far away things.

~Thanks in advance.
At my vision, I obviously do have glasses but I heard if I keep wearing them my vision will get worse and worse and exercises do help, my doc recommended it and eating special foods to maintain it. It may not improve but perhaps it will stay the same. And since I am young, my vision gets worse faster. Contacts have many side effects and I would prefer to wear glasses. I have also worn glasses since grade one, but not that much and I started using it more often and often.

admin answers:

You’re right, your problem comes from reading and other short-distance activities such as computer, videogames, schoolwork and so on.
The Bates method is not just old, it’s ancient (early ’900), and that’s why it doesn’t work. You should try modern methods such as the one by De Angelis which in my opinion is the best. I’m having great results and now I’m just -0.75 from an initial -3.75

Linda asks…

Improve vision with eye exercises? How can they help ?

I have found difficulty in seeing far away objects and to be able to read I have to position news papers at arm length. My eye glasses and contact lenses help me to see things clearly but I think life would be easier if my vision gets back to normal condition and I can get rid of my glasses and contacts. A friend told me that eyesight condition can be fixed by doing eye exercises. Do they really help? What kind of exercises are they ?

admin answers:

Eye exercises can help improving our vision problems. Good eye exercises must include relaxation of the eye muscles and training the eyes to focus objects. My husband has had bad eyesight condition and has been taught doing the following eye exercises.

1. Change focus. First have the habit to change focus. This is a simple exercise that involves stretching your vision. Sit or stand in a comfortable position and look at an object that is near to you, such as a book on your desk then slowly look to a far distant object which is about 5 to 10 meters away from the place you are standing or sitting; for instance a picture hung on the wall. Continue to change your focus several times.

2. The next step is Sunning. Sun light is very essential for all kind of living creatures in this world, including human body. It can also give powerful healing effect and makes the body to improve in better health. Our bodies that includes our eyes needs energy that comes from the sun rays. That is why entering soft sun light to our eyes is practiced to give wonderful result to improve our vision. But you have to remember to do it in a very careful and safe way to avoid eye damage. Do sunning in the morning and do not stare directly to the sun! Stand in a shade such as a place under a big tree or a shelter, let the warmth of the morning daylight touch your eye lids. Close your eyes or cover them with your palms and relax. While facing the light, move your head from one side to the other.

3. Relaxation. After doing sunning, go to a quiet place, sit comfortably and do a relaxation exercise. Rub your palms until they are warm, then, put them across your eyes without touching the eyelids. Close your eyes to block the light as much as possible and sit still for about 5 to 10 minutes. Do not forget to inhale and exhale deeply and put all your muscles and mind in a relaxing position. Palming is one of the best way to ease away stress from your eyes.

After following the above exercises for a few months, now he can feel a lot of improvement.

Maria asks…

Do EYE exercises improve vision?

I’m going to try exercising my eyes, since I’m near-sighted.

Does it work? Have you tried this already?

Please answer, it’s much appreaciated!!

admin answers:

I’m near sighted…it was inherited…nothing I can do about it except live with it. If you find anything that works, please let me know. I’m sure millions would like to know.
^5 umdb

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