Your Questions About Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

October 31, 2011

Susan asks…

Are there any eye exercises to improve vision atleast A little bit?

if so, can you give me the details? Is there anything i can eat to get better vision

admin answers:

The answer is quite simply … No.

A person has less than 20/20 eyesight because of the shape and length of their eye. Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the eye do Nothing to correct the structure of ones eye. There are scams galore out there that will take your money and still leave you seeing blurry.

There is nothing you can eat to “improve” your vision. However, eating foods containing beta carotine and leutein like carrots and green leafy veggies will aid in the Health of the eye but still won’t make your vision better since it is the structure of the eye that causes less than perfect eyesight. That is why LASIK works because it changes the structure of the eye.

Betty asks…

Any eye exercises to improve my vision?

i have a really bad eyesight. I was wondering if anybody online knows any eye exercises to improve the vision?

admin answers:

Hello SuperMom Do U have I Dr. Maybe Low Vision therapist?

Thomas asks…

Can eye exercises actually improve your vision?

If so, by how much? And if not, what does it actually do? Is there any way to improve eyesight without Lasik eye surgery?

admin answers:

Short answer, no.

Long answer, also no.

Those who perpetrate this myth are frauds. You cannot manipulate the visual system into better sight. It just doesn’t work that way. If it did, manufacturers and retailers of optical corrections would have been out of business decades ago.

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