Your Questions About Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

February 28, 2012

Mary asks…

I was in computer 10 hours a day, wearing power glasses.doing eye exercises 15 min/day. How to improve vision.

admin answers:

Just continue to do exercises every day and spend less time on your computer. You may need to practice them for a few months to see permanent results.

I was able to improve my own vision with eye exercises. This program helped me out a lot:

Vitamins & minerals are also very important for good eyesight:

Best regards,

Jenny asks…

Is there any exercises to improver your vision?

I wear glasses and want to get rid of them. Can you provide me with some eye exercises to improve my vision. Thanx.

admin answers:

There are eye exercises that will help you improve your vision. You can find eye exercises here:

Healthy diet is also essential for good eyesight:

Best regards,

Ken asks…

Eye exercise to improve vision ØŸ?

admin answers:

I visited a doctor recently for eye checkup and she told me to -

hold a pen an arm distance from your eyes just in front of your nose and look at its upper tip , then slowly bring it closer bring it so close to your eyes than you see two images then slowly take the pen away from your eyes do it five time twice a day and eat healthy, sufficient amoutn of vitamins and minerals.

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