Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Myopia

September 28, 2011

Jenny asks…

do eye exercises for myopia really work?

I recently became shortsighted (last year), before that I had 20/20 vision. And because im in school I have had to wear glasses and I just hate it!!! My eyes are currently at -1.75 and I heard of these eye exercises such as Dr. Bates methods. But do they work?? please dont just say no they scams, and that my eye balls are enlonged so its impossible. Thanks

admin answers:

Yes, they work.
I am nearsighted, and my myopia was heavy,,,in april 2010.
I don’t believe that we can’t recover, so I looked for bookshops and I’ve found one wonderful book: ”The Secret of Perfect Vision: How You Can Prevent and Reverse Nearsightedness.”
I know VERY WELL Bates methods, and I can tell you that what you can read in this book is pretty different: Bates used to tell that myopia comes from mental stress and his exercises want to delete every kind of stress, they are created to give a lot of relax to your eyes and your mind.
But this motivation isn’t sufficient and if you do Bates exercises, maybe you can see improvements after years.
Fortunately, if you read this book you’ll understand why these exercises really work, and in brief time.
They are very different from Bates method.
In this book you can read and understand WHY your eyes have problems…certainly is study’s fault, but if you learn HOW to protect your eyes, you can stop the myopia and if you do these exercises you can delete it.
One important thing is that you have -1.75, so you can use your glasses eyes for a very short time, when you go to school use them to watch blackboard, but please when you write on your exercise-book, on your book, don’t use them.
Remenber that short-sightedness isn’t a sickness and glasses aren’t a cure.
It’s been 10 months that I do the exercises that you can read in this book, and I’m healing day by day…I was -5.50, now I am -3.50/-3.00. My vision has improved.
I have to tell you that I’ve spent…no money.
These exercises are FREE, you can also write questions in one forum, watching videos that explain you how you can do these exercises.. And everything is FREE..
If you want to improve your eyesight with these exercises, remember that you have to be patient and constant, these exercises aren’t one magical’s wand, but one physioterapy.
So, I can tell you that exercises work, someone else can tell you that they don’t work, but only you will see the truth.

Betty asks…

How to do eye exercises for myopia.?

I have myopia,-4.0D.My friends are quite familiar with these exercises,and of course even i am.They have less powers so they they could easily get it please tell me exactly how to do the exercises.

admin answers:

Your friends won’t easily get it ” cured ” either.

Our eyes are constantly moving all day…a few minutes a day of more exercise by rolling them around, or staring at a dot on the wall, or cupping your eyes with your hands, isn’t going to make an ounce of difference to your myopia.

That scam/myth has been around for almost 90 years , yet you won’t find an eye Dr. Anywhere who has seen a patient who has miraculously regained clear vision because of them.

After that long, if they worked, there should be thousands and thousands of provable cases…but there are none….aside from fake testimonials on web sites trying to sell books…and some other deluded people who probably still believe Coca Cola can cure “consumption” ( cancer), like it was advertised as back in the 1890′s by door to door salesmen.

Robert asks…

for those who have tried eye exercises for myopia?

has it worked for you? if so what exercises can u recommend me?

admin answers:

There is no way to eliminate true myopia with eye exercises. If your myopia is secondary to a binocular vision problem (accommodative excess) then eye excercises (vision therapy) will work.

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